How to be a Better Blitz Player

IM Shankland weighs in on a viewer request for tips on blitz play. He gives some advice about what types of openings and strategies to play; then gives examples with real-time blitz games where he shares his thoughts.


  1. c5 isn't an aggressive move. It's one of the very first positional move you learn in beginning chess books; the less influence you have in the center, the rougher time you will have in the game.

  2. Well, hope you guys learne… a lotta…mur murmur… ha… …

  3. I was 1 month old when this video released

  4. Tips for playing Blitz better, play Blitz alot. Learn from mistakes, and learn how to move very fast.
    For that Queen gambit declines, just move Qd1 – Qa4, wiiing bishop

  5. +tolerateu black responds Nc6, check neutralised and Bishop protected

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