How to be a Better Blitz Player

IM Shankland weighs in on a viewer request for tips on blitz play. He gives some advice about what types of openings and strategies to play; then gives examples with real-time blitz games where he shares his thoughts.


  1. should include that its a demo in the title of the video… sort of a cheapo…

  2. Youtube has better free vids. You would be better to offer the videos for free on the site and just get subscriptions from the service of

  3. At 3:10 the white could move his queen on 4a where he'd check the black, and when the black does something to stop the check, the white eats his bishop.

  4. that audio fade at the end was such a who gives a shit moment LOL. what is this video?

  5. The worst video in youtube in the last 300 years

  6. YOu can tell this is a 10 year old video when does not even have that chess pieces font anymore.

  7. Excuses me.
    But in scotch if u play Bc4 than it is a blunder mistake because the pawn and the Knight always gonna threat Bishop… And there will be tremends development in black so it will be lose for white…

  8. what's wrong with chess dot com? I am new. is it bad to pay for their service? is there app good?

  9. wow this is from the official site? this video is laughable

  10. Make the Lessons, Tactics, Lectures and Analysis, FREE.

  11. pfft please how to be a better bltiz player is to learn nothing if you go fast you either force ur opoent to be big dumb or you make them run down the clock faster

  12. I learned nothing except being a 2300 rating is decent…..

  13. So short video
    Try to make videos of at least 5 to 7 minutes

  14. playing this video on 1.5x to be better bullet player

  15. Here's the advice:
    1. get better at chess
    2. play the stonewall
    3. fade away into nothingness whilst in the middle of making a point
    4. transition into a shameless advert

    Alright. I'll do all of those things and see if my chess improves.

  16. I'm 1700 in rapid and classical but I can't get higher than 1100 in blitz. That has to be some sort of world record

  17. Teaching is not like a song that fades away when it almost finish

  18. Is he Sam who is now one of the best players in America and reached semi final I think in fide world cup 2021 and was knocked out by Sergey karjakin?

  19. he's been talking long enough, cut the mic. lol.

  20. I am at 1200 at rapid chess
    And my blitz is 700
    That is so frustrating

  21. I play this opening all time I get white, but I very very bad at time control. That's why when I 've 3 minutes left he has 8 minutes left and eventhough I would be playing very aggressively but will loose the game.

  22. Possibly the worst chess video on all of youtube.

  23. His chess playing got better, but he'll never live this garbage down lol!

  24. I am such a big fan of your channel and your game

  25. My blitz rating ranges between 900 and 1000 while 60 mintute games my rating is at 1500… WTF. I suck at blitz

  26. Accordind to this video here is how you get better at blitz chess, earn money somehow and then pay to someone to teach you properly 👍

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