Chess can be Heart Breaking | Artem Uskov vs Lev Zverev | World Blitz 2022

Accepting a loss in the game of chess can be difficult and sometimes you just can’t hide the emotions. It was a game between two youngsters FM Artem Uskov (2401) and FM Lev Zverev (2333) at the FIDE World Blitz Open Championship 2022. Watch the final moments of the game to see what happened.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. хааххаха пацаны знакомые на заднем фоне после партии

  2. But he wons everyone's heart.. Great attitude..

  3. It's good these kids still learn to deal with these emotions in such a sweet way.. just loved how he returned to the board to put the pieces back.. These kids will grow up to be gentle, considerate and yet competitive.. great for our world!

  4. Что за убожества на заднем фоне рядом с детьми из своих дыр выплёвывают, ужас…

  5. Aww I feel so bad for that wonderful kid. he showed his sportsmanship by not only shaking his opponents hand but coming back to the board. Little legend. He is a winner he just doesn't know it yet =)

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