Chess Berserk! Lichess Weekly Blitz Chess Arena – 16th November 2016

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  1. Hey KC, where do you live stream your videos? Do you do YouTube live stream? Where can I watch these live?

  2. Love the blitz+bullet chess on your channel, trying to get better at chess right now. Just keep practicing online, and watching your videos or what else can I do to keep improving?

  3. 31:43 looks like you had mate in 2, Qxa5, not that it does a lot of good now.

  4. the move i(WILLFORVictory) played against you was a mouse slip tryfon kkk didnt mean to play spicy kk congrats winning the tournament

  5. fucking insane,is it possible to arrange something like a 10 game stream with chessnetwork?

  6. 12:46 u could have directly checkmated him when he moved his pawn??! 😀

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