chess beginner !! chess match highlight / 11 nov 2023 #short #chess #chessgame #chesscom

Welcome to CHEZZ! In this short and sweet video, I’ll take you through a recent chess match I played on We’ll quickly analyze key moves, strategies, and highlight lessons to help you on your chess improvement path.

Today, I faced a formidable opponent in a fast-paced game. Watch as I navigate the chessboard, make critical decisions, and share insights into my thought process.

Don’t forget to engage with the community in the comments section, share your thoughts, and ask questions. Let’s learn and grow together as chess enthusiasts!

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Thank you for joining me on this brief chess adventure. Let’s make every move count in our chess improvement journey! 🌟


  1. You get 50 accuracy every game u aint magnus

  2. Bro thinks he is magnus 😂 with that suspense music

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