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  1. Oof, 1 move. Did see it though just because you pointed out it was a bad move.

  2. Why isn't the queen taking pawn at c3 the best move?

  3. I found the move but my reasoning was that once black moves out of check you win a pawn and the queen infiltrates the white territory 💀

    I am dumb 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


  5. Yes, I'm pretty confident I am stronger than every chess grandmaster…

  6. I was able to see that so logically ofc that mean I'm better than a gm😎

  7. Damn, i thought the same move as the blunder move 💀

  8. "Are you stronger than a grandmaster"
    I don't know, how much can they lift?

  9. Here’s my thought process when playing chess
    I see the checkmate in 1 immediately
    So I spend the next 4:30 minutes thinking about moves other than the bishop

    By the end of it, I already forgot about the first move that I dismissed then I wonder why didn’t I think about this earlier? Bishop a5 helps me mate the enemy in 1 move

    It’s all about how memory works

  10. I didn’t realize I was a mistake…😢

  11. Why can’t white take the pawn with the Queen?

  12. Can you put subtitles in the entire video?

  13. He could've just took the pawn with the queen right? On c3

  14. I saw that let's goo. I'm 350 elo I feel proud

  15. dam im better i saw it in like 2 seconds lmao

  16. Wasn’t it check in one move for both of them ?

  17. in complete ass in elo like 150 and i solved it im so happy

  18. People watching this video for the first time: "HE BLUNDERED MATE IN 1!" said by no one ever

  19. Bro had me thinking for 10 minutes because I thought white has mate in 1 💀

  20. I mean i would’ve push my white bishop to attack the queen not blundering checkmate and wtf does moving the black bishop there even do?

  21. This gives me a thousand elo of confidence

  22. Why move the bishop atall… how is it better on a3

  23. I looked at that pawn, then saw where the queen was, and I kinda knew what was coming

  24. what about Bishop b5? white is up material and it will lead to a trade of the bishops.

  25. Image if he said "Even The Best Chess Player Is A Mistake Like you" Not "Even The Best Chess Player Make's Mistake Like You"💀

  26. Heres a fact, no matter what u do society still sees your flaws

  27. Physically yes I am stronger, will power wise, I am stronger, strategic wise, definitely not

  28. queen takes pawn = no checkmate threats
    Or check the queen with bishop
    Or just trade queens

  29. My elo is like 340 and I thought bishop b5.
    That's why I'm 340

  30. I don’t make mistakes I just love to simplify and simplify and simplify the game

  31. I Don't get it
    If I play rook to A3 wouldn’t it still be a checkmate!
    Can someone explain it to me
    My elo is 266😀

  32. no bc when i spend too much time analyzing my next move i end up forgetting the obvious blunder i avoided making at the start and do it after looking at my other choices

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