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  2. 1. Rc7+ Kd1 2. Rd7+ Ke1 3. Re7+ Kf1 4. Rg7 {8.2 ➤ 6.84 ?MISTAKE, Best Move Was:}(g4 Re1 Rc7 Re5) Re1 {6.84 ➤ 8.18 ?MISTAKE, Best Move Was:}(Rbb8 g4 Rbg8 Rxg8) 5. Ra8 {8.18 ➤ 0.08 ??BLUNDER, Best Move Was:}(g4 Re4 Kg3 Re1) Rxa8 6. Rg8 Ree8 7. h8Q Rxg8 8. Qd4 Rxg2+ 9. Kh3 Rxf2 {0.0 ➤ +M1 ??BLUNDER, Best Move Was:}(Rgg8 f4 Ke2 Qe4+) 10. Qd1#Checkmate

  3. Chess grandmasters:2 rooks is better than a queen

    This guy

  4. I have a mate. d4 d5 e4 e5 dxe5 dxe4 qxd8 + king xd8 nf3 nc3 bg5 + and more

  5. Is black 200 elo or smth for blundered that badly

  6. Black could checkmate if he move his rook to h8 square in the second last move

  7. Was think that would be stalemate and ready to comment you’re dumb🗿

  8. Me who can just imagine how epic it would be if he could replace that rook with a knight out of nowhere

  9. Pretas tavam ferradas desde o início. Quando parecia que ia resolver algum a coisa veio um mate do nada!

  10. If the rook didn't take the f2 pawn he could've won the queen, how? If the a8 rook goes to h8 check he wins the queen then he can take the pawn, You can still win with a rook and a king

  11. Зачем он взял пешку если можно было сделать шах ладьёй и забрать ферзя

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