Carlsen’s secret weapon against the Grunfeld | Carlsen vs Artemiev | World Blitz 2019

In the last round of the World Blitz 2019 (Round 12) day one Magnus Carlsen had the white pieces against one of the biggest talents of Russian chess Vladislav Artemiev. Artemiev, just 21 years old, already has an Elo of 2810! He is dubbed as the next World Championship candidate from Russia.

In this game you get to see how Magnus Carlsen is ruthless against his opponent as he finishes the game with engine like precision. You also learn a new weapon with the white pieces against the Grunfeld Defense. A video high on learning and action!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. have anyone noticed our gujrati start in the game

  2. Kid looks like the TA in computer science class

  3. Magnus is soo lucky. Many chess expert said that artemiev is the next garry kaspRov, the best of all, hardest player to beat.

  4. How is the video longer than on what time they play

  5. Vidit playing in the background, Ian behind this was great

  6. 8:53 Magnus: Hafffsgsgsgffffkkkkksggshsgs
    opponent: yeahhsggfffffhhffff

  7. Dear GMs,
    when will I be able to see you all play the GRAND CHESS(10 pieces+100 squares) games???

    I've been waiting for so long to see how you all make magical moves with "MARSHALL" & "CARDINAL"


    Note :: I didn't mean CAPABLANCA CHESS which also has 10 pieces but 80 squares on the board.

    And also , here,



  8. VIDIT for world champion this time♥️🔥

  9. I can see another Magnus on the Back Lol

  10. Was the his secret weapon Artemiev took almost two mins to make a single decision, and later ran out of time…?

  11. I can't believe I've gotten hooked watching these games when I barely know how to play chess..go figure!

  12. I'd love to play Magnus just to see if I could make the game last 30 moves.

  13. Guy in the back over magnuss shoulder looks just like him with a man bun

  14. Seeing vidit and carlsen at the same side makes me think of a draw!!!!!

  15. Ain't gonna lie, Nepo in the background is looking good.

  16. It would be a nice touch if you could include the notation in the description… or maybe even a link to the game in ChessBase.

  17. Artemiev seems like a very well mannered and a standup guy! He has a bright future ahead of him!

  18. How does Magnusbalways have extra time 😂😜

  19. I love artemiv. He always have that kind of respect on his opponents.

  20. Hate that knight on a5, could not see carlsen's clock till the end

  21. I hate when they don't finish the game because I can't see the future moves like they can! So I never know who won or if it was a draw lol

  22. Why do they hold the prices they take when thinking of a move

  23. 🥺👍🙋🌸😂😅🔥🤣😮‍💨

  24. Who all noticed that vivid gujrati is playing beside them

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