Carlsen Wins A Brilliancy, Tops Blitz Leaderboard

Magnus Carlsen played an epic 57-game match against GM Vladimir Fedoseev in the hunt for the #1 spot on the blitz leaderboard. Among many nice wins, one was particularly viral and concluded with a pretty move picking up the brilliant annotation in game review.

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  1. Hikaru was angry and immediately made a lame comment about Magnus Carlsen farming Fedoseev 🀣

  2. So exciting to see the top 2 blitz players in the world.

  3. For a single minute ,i thought this dude is johnny jins

  4. Thank you. Great game and great commentary! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  5. This game is insaneee! Love this contents!

  6. So basically magnus just sacrifices his rook whenever he ends up playing Fedoseev

  7. Hi Sam, is it possible to get the PGN or a link to the game? Thank you!

  8. Meanwhile Hikaru: I destroy these 600 rated guys! πŸ˜†

  9. Pure brilliance. Rook sacrifice for the connected pawns. Just full mastery of the game

  10. There is alwayd a bigger fish in the sea, even for BigFishπŸ’€

  11. Man, Fedoseev found so many ways to defend, very creative, very brilliant. And then, Magnus happens. So amazing.

  12. I'm all praise. Truly exceptional and extraordinary considering its a blitz game.

  13. Magnus has talked about trying to implement in his own game the long sacrifices that Alphazero seems to choose a lot. This is probably an example of that, he delays taking back that knight in the exchange sacrifice for many moves, focusing instead on maximizing the value of the pair of passed pawns he got out of it.

    That's a difficult way to play as a human being. The urge after a sacrifice is to get material compensation when the opportunity presents itself. Not to continually extent the positional advantage. Probably because counting pieces is easy, and evaluating a positional advantage is hard.

  14. Magnus is a computer of our time that can squeeze water out of a stone. He is unsurpassed.

  15. Why is this account not banned with such win rates?

  16. Hey is this channel is a fake account of carlsen. Haven't you guys heard about praggananandhaa. I haven't seen a single video about carlsen loss 3 times with him.

  17. 8ΰ€΅ΰ₯€ΰ€‚ pass dimag fast says:

    Any one ☝🏻 play with me challenge you

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