Carlsen vs Nepo | Who is stronger in blitz? World Blitz 2021

After the World Championship Match 2021, all the battles between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi have been eagerly anticipated by the viewers. After their draw at the World Rapid 2021, everyone was looking forward to a decisive result in the blitz. And they did get it! But who really won? Check out the video to find out!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Can we get better seats? please and thank you

  2. I think Nepo missed a draw when Magnus played G4. He had Rxb3 with a time to take in G4 after the exchange with NxB4.

  3. The question Who IS better carlsen or nepo un Blitz was made bye an absolutly idiot.

  4. Carlsen has the courtesy to arrange the pieces on board after the game , not just his but Nepo's as well. That's why he is King and most respected player in the world for his behaviour ❤️

  5. What were the openings used in this game? And how did Magnus win?

  6. ian gives that throw the controller after losing energy

  7. I knew that Carlsen would win this game just like I was certain Nepo would lose the playoff in the rapid tournament even though he is the better player, certainly in blitz. He cracks under pressure. A leopard cannot change its spots.

  8. The answer to your question is : MVL. It was a pleasure helping you out.

  9. Is it the first time they're not talking after match 😂

  10. respect on nepo for wearing that tidehunter shirt in the world blitz

  11. Was was Ian shaking his head like 40secounds in? Was he not happy with his opening, I feel like the match had just started

  12. 8:00’ Shaken by defeat, Nepo refuses to take the badge placed on the table kindly offered by the referee at the end of the game. He had repeated the same feat by immediately removing his medal on stage at the 2021 Classic Championship during the ceremony. He should control his frustrations, not yet ready to become a true champion.

  13. Magnus simplifies to rook and pawn end games and then finds combinations to win a pawn when his opponents think that they got a draw against the champion.

  14. Is someone playing table tennis in the background?

  15. That tide hunter shirt 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  16. at 7:19 Re2 by Nepo. I think Magnus was shaken at how bad that move was. I havent ran an engine or anything but wasnt just bailing out with Rxb3, Nxb4. Rxb4 Rxc3 and then Rxg4+ a better line for black just a pawn down in a rook end game instead of the endgame that Nepo did?. Or am I miss calculating that line entirely? or Maybe its all winning with Rg3 by white Idk. Then at 7:46 just complete disrespect at viewers.

  17. wtf is this stress meter like its a game if u dont have fun go do something else

  18. He can't beat Magnus, because Magnus plays better defense. Napo doesn't know how to defend himself, his attacking style always costs him against Magnus.

  19. The womens in the background just played for 1min ?!

  20. Getting mated without using ravage, bad TIDEHUNTER player tbh

  21. Dude lose to magnus, then does magnus loss facial expressions. Just like lebron joining the heat or KD joining the warriors amirite

  22. Hello guys, new to chess world. Game is finished cause the time? I have not understand well. If someone could explain I'll be grateful!

  23. Does anybody know what Nepo's sweater is from?

  24. 칼슨 : 네폼아 기물정리하고가라 씹새야

  25. Poor Nepo, Carlsen is always beating the shit out of him…

  26. From a contender for the world crown to a bitch Magnus's

  27. The women's game behind them was done in 2 minutes! I wonder who won?

  28. At 7:31 nepo blunder!!!…..knight takes pawn …bishop should take knight👍

  29. I really didn't understand checkmate not happened rite how come he won

  30. Magnus is really a Magnanimous!!!!! See how humble he is?

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