Carlsen-Morozevich, World Blitz Championship 2012

This game was played in the 19th round of the World Blitz Championship 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan.


  1. In the minute 5:35, did anyone notice what carlsen did with moro's pawn ???!??!

  2. I get so much adrenalin when I play against my Mathteacher he is fide .Also If I watch Chess

  3. I’m just seeing two people moving things….that’s all 😂

  4. The white player looks very insecure. Maybe he should study&practice more. That way he may become confident in his game.

  5. မီးလည်းအာ့လိုစစ်တုရင်ဆော့ချင်တာရယ်၊၊အလက်ဇန်ဒါးဆော့ချင်တာ၊မီးနိုင်ရင်အာ့အလက်ဇန်ဒါးကိုဆံပင်တစ်ပင်စီဆွဲနှုတ်ချင်တာပါဆိုနေမှ😋😋😋

  6. 1:43 = Castling
    5:33 = En Passant

    Honestly idk anything about chess besides the basics,
    but I did look up those 2 moves after watching this.

  7. ابراهيم عبدالمنعم جبر says:

    مين عربي

  8. Artinya apa itu bang messi? Siapa yang menang?

  9. Why NC3 @ 4.57 ?? I think that changed the game …

  10. Why he eat the pawn while no one of his piece can eat it?

  11. 5:34 Como ele pode pegar o pião se não estava um do lado do outro??

  12. Qq aconteceu aq ? Ele ia perde a rainha e desistiu ?

  13. 8:59 Qb8 was best,carlsen could capture a rook. Kg4 seems blunder 🙃🙃🙃

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