Carlsen has no idea what just happened | Grischuk – Carlsen | World BLitz

Magnus Carlsen got a decent position from the Catalan with black and thought that he draws easily at least…

World Blitz 2021 Poland, all rights belong to broadcasters.


  1. All Grischuk needs to become an invincible terror is lack of time

  2. 5securitaku a ├║pln─Ť k hovnu ­čśé

  3. Wow!!!! Ng5 was amazing!! and here I was thinking Ne1 or Nh5… Mesmerizing play by Grischuk!!

  4. Grischuk played 17 games in his mind while the opening.

  5. honestly a magician, everything came off the board and his pawns look so much better

  6. I don't even play chess. I'm just here to watch people fight quietly.

  7. Sasha sat so still for so long, if he hadn't twiddled his thumb, I would've thought it was a dummy.

  8. mógł nie oddawać gratis tego piona na e6, ten ruch f5 nie podobał mi się

  9. Even Nihal plays better finals than Carlsen. I think tha's one of his weekness. Grischuk plays with tenacity.

  10. 9:17
    Why magnus moved Rcd2 ?
    Why didn't he prepare to promote pawn in file b by moving Rcc1 ?

  11. 6:54 why not take a2 he can get similar position but Queen's on the board

  12. Idee ben chiare, lineari. Partita istruttiva per capire i due piani di gioco.

  13. Blunder in 10:28 Rb6+ Ke5?? Only move Kg7! Why ? Until he protects the pawn from h6 .so that the white can not take the pawn for check

  14. I never understood why don't these players greet each other. Like with a hug "Ohh, Alex, long time no seen, how is family? Look, we have to play again, and I am sorry, I have to win this". No. Instead they pretend the other is invisible, and Magnus even touches the figures instead, twice each. So funny…

  15. It's nice to see the World Champion still playing with his Dad and of course, he is humble enough to take Dad's advice after losing, telling him where he did wrong and what he could've done better.

  16. Ng5! was clever giving Black doubled doubled pawns which hurt Black in the endgame.

  17. Carlsen has no idea? And you "know that he had no idea"? Really?

  18. 8:27 f5?? What need did he have to just lose e6 and then the game?

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