Carlsen has no idea what just happened | Grischuk – Carlsen | World BLitz

Magnus Carlsen got a decent position from the Catalan with black and thought that he draws easily at least…

World Blitz 2021 Poland, all rights belong to broadcasters.


  1. I am confused. It was Magnus’s turn. Couldn’t he have forced a tie? If he uses his rook then I put king in check. Wouldn’t that force a tie or at least lose the white pawn?
    I am sure I am just missing something but I would love to see exactly why Magnus thought he was certain to lose this game.

  2. Wow glad to see that game ! Grischuk master class

  3. Where are the coughs. I’m so confused. I didn’t hear any coughs .

  4. 0:01 I love how intensely Grischuk is studying that opening position.

  5. lol title of vid misleading – Carlsen obviously knew he lost :p

  6. 11:18 Magnus bringing the arrogance look again, after losing, it will be his downfall

  7. I always wonder what Carlsen says to his opponent after he loses, he usually is throwing his hands up and I can imagine him saying, "I dunno wtf I was thinking"

  8. Dude will be telling his Grandchildren about how he beat, fair and square, the highest ranked Grandmaster ever.

  9. How did he lose? I dont understand. It wasnt over

  10. Carlsen's double pawns in the end were tough to manage.

  11. Is this the person that they called the greatest player of all time?

  12. Magnus doesn't like to draw or lose. It must not be easy to be him. It doesn't look like fun.

  13. not very friendly. what is the point of always arriving late?

  14. Two amazingly gifted men and both respectful, how much fun was that

  15. Grischuk and Carlsen are crazy about chess

  16. Why is white queen more powerful than black here? is it situational where Mag preferred to prevent both queens happening?

  17. What a fucking sad loser to handshake an opponent like that

  18. Why no female chess grandmasters?
    Or brick layers?
    Or convicts?

  19. I wish they would just finish the games so we don’t have to figure out why they choose to resign.

  20. My greatest wish is to know what they said to each other’s once they’ve finished the game.

  21. Black , you move pg6 not you move pb5 vxpg3 end then move pg6 vxpg3 rxp7 qxr7 not move pc4 you wrote move , the pown is move end you will, the power of queen the best of all in chess

  22. Grischuk , you not win carlsen win in chess

  23. When Sasha is in beast mode, he one of the toughest to beat in end games.

  24. g4 was great move but Magnus should have captured on h3 at 8:51 to repair his pawn structure. Would have been a draw in the end.

  25. White's .. Ng5!! was a game changer. At that point, you could see the wind come out of Carlsen's sail.

  26. 3 mins in he could of brought his k Igbo out and threatened the pawn then his knight after

  27. I love the cringe theatrics chess players do because they know they're on video. Sure, it's a really mentally challenging game. No, you are not such a high level tortured genius that you can't greet your opponent or even acknowledge them. No, you don't need to put your head in your hands to signal to everyone that you're 'thinking really hard'.

    Magnus is NOT bad for the sport, but wow so cringe and such a diva.

  28. I watched side one game more than this😅

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