Callum Garvin v Nick. 5 min Blitz Chess @ Liverpool Chess Club

Find out more about Us & help us to promote OTB chess clubs for free on our channel, please support us on our Go Fund Me Page is dedicated to promoting OTB Chess Clubs. Whilst on-line chess is an important learning resource, OTB chess is indispensible. Chess clubs have been on the decline for years, and the lockdown has made this situation much worse with many clubs struggling to attract new members. At, we hope to lend a hand in attracting new members to OTB chess clubs. We want to show the fun and exiting side of chess clubs as somewhere we can have fun and meet new people.

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This is a 5 minute fun hand brain blitz game between Callum Garvin ( W ) Nick ( B ). All are members of Liverpool Chess Club. Sidero is a very strong player visiting from Spain. For further details on the club please visit

Chessnuts Social Chess Club has been specifically set up as a social space to meet and have fun playing chess. All skill levels and ages welcome. To find out more visit our facebook page for club details

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If you want to roast Chessnuts, bring your nuts.

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