BULLET Chess Is Bad For You

BULLET Chess Makes You Play Worse.
Bullet chess is a variant of chess that is played with very fast time controls, usually only 1 minute to play for the whole game! with each player having only a few seconds to make their moves. But why the best players in the world think it’s not “real chess”?

1- you noticed how? when you switch to a more serious chess time control you keep thinking as if you were still in a bullet mode?

2- you suddenly rely on reflexes and intuition rather than careful thought and analysis. This can be useful in some situations like a zeitnot (a zeitnot happens when you dont have time to finish your game and you are in time trouble to avoid losing the game, but it may also lead to poor decision-making and a lack of understanding of deeper positional and strategic concepts.

3- It can lead to a lack of practice in other areas of your game: like endgame technique that you hate spending time on, right?

It’s important to keep in mind that bullet chess is just one variant of chess and should not be the sole focus of your chess training. While playing bullet chess can be a fun and fast-paced way to play the game, it is simply not the way to go about learning chess

In order to keep improving, it’s important to practice your positional play and strategy, tactics, and endgame technique. These will help develop your ability to evaluate positions objectively and make good decisions during your games. Do not let bullet chess distract you from practicing these other important areas!


  1. Well I should have learned that earlier 😭😭😭

  2. The only reason i love playing bullet chess are fucking chess cheater would not playing it..if cheater play it there will be disaster for them since they will making move 3 or 4 second each move

  3. I was about to object, but tbh I agree lol

  4. I played bullet for like 2 weeks straight I went back to rapid and I got completely destroyed went from 500 elo down to 300

  5. that's so true. my rating went down temporarily after I started playing bullet but my blitz rating improved a lot as I can think faster and I never lose on time

  6. This is true i played rapid only rapid then i tried bullet and now i don't want to play rapid bcs i don't want to play for 20 min and then loose

  7. I played against someone who only plays bullet and I was down a rook but had 2 more pawns. so I lured his rook to be in line with his king so I can skewer the rook and king and he fell for it. but instead of just losing a rook he blocked the check with his rook and lost both of his rooks

  8. Bullet chess is just making the difficulty from hard to nightmare

  9. Solution: play bullet chess and rapid chess

  10. This is why i stopped playing bullet

  11. A new german word to add to my vocabulary: Zeitnot. Danke.

  12. "bullet is bad for classic, classic is bad for bullet depends on what you want to be good at"
    Albert Einstein

  13. yes after 2-3 bullets my rapid games become disgusting

  14. 15|10 is the sweet spot. Not too long to be boring, and no being saved by the clock if you make a bad play. If your opponent takes a very long time,they will be under time pressure, but not enough to blunder significantly.

  15. me and a friend, both bullet/blitz players, we finish a rapid game while having usually 6 to 7 minutes on the clock.

  16. My Rapid-632

    Is it good? I am playing chess for 5 years

  17. Which is why I only play Classical chess VS cpu.

  18. I'm 1580 bullet but can't break 1300 blitz

  19. For me the 5 min is the best. If a chess game is too long i will be bored. But if it is too fast I will blunder. Blitz is not too long but also not too short. Perfect for me

  20. This is totally accurate. I recently played a 14 day correspondence game and I was still blitzing out moves. Blundered my rook and the game 😂

  21. It’s a whole different game in that sense. Cause you can now blunder easier but so can your opponent, in a way it’s like button mashing in fighting games as far as for new players but adjusting for that has its own branch of skill. Like the best bullet chess player in the world can’t touch the best chess player sure. That’s no surprise but there should be a level of respect cause in the same vein the best chess player in the world probably can’t get close to the best bullet players either

  22. So that’s why I got on a huge losing streak when I started to try blitz games

  23. "the best players in the world think its not chess"
    Carlsen, Tang, Nakamura, Naroditsky, Caruana, Firouzja and Nepo want to know your location

  24. I am rated 2,700 in puzzle, 1,500 in rapid and 1,100 in bullet. I played bullet not to get better at rapid, but to get better at bullet.

  25. I'm a boosted bullet player, my rating on bullet is 1400 but on rapid and blitz they're both 900 😟

  26. Bullet Chess is battle of time. Classical chess is battle of calculation skills

  27. bullet chess is good for those who have great memory on their games,it strenghens your memory on those games,dont play bullet chess if you are a new player,it ruins your thinking,if you are a player who has great memory,those reflexes will help alot

  28. Bullet Chess makes me want to burn down a village, so I find it useful for when I'm preparing to burn down a village

  29. Bruh bcuz of bullet i quit chess😭. Now im careful not to play bullet again

  30. Never can I agree on something more than this. I used to play bullet a lot (a lot means a LOT) before. Nowadays I play rapid, and my rating has gone down by 400 ELO. Only when I notice that my opponent has 3 minutes left in a 10 minute game and I have 9 minutes 30 seconds.

  31. Chess is a thinking game, you need time to calculate and make your moves, Bullet goes against the spirit of the game so I stick to Rapid.

  32. If you give me infinite time in Chess, I can be a grandmaster

  33. But it's so fun. The reason I stopped playing longer time control is because some opponent would bleed the clock ⏰️ instead of resigning in a lost position.

  34. I actually disagree.

    As a full time worker and full time student, I think its best to do both, heres why.

    Ill play one game of rapid a day, 15 minute, plenty of time, think deeply and analyze. This is good chess. But I also play a ton of 2-1 bullet and it made me so much better because I started learning from my mistakes way quicker because I had more scenarios.

    Then I go back and play rapid, apply, and become better.

  35. but ıf you play bullet chess you can see more positions ı think you need to balance

  36. hm, this is true.

    but in my experience actually, i did improve on my chess when i played bullet, i was stuck at like 1400 blitz, then i tried bullet for like a while, and it just spiked me up to 1600 blitz

  37. bullet helped me tbh cuz i played bullet BEFORE i started playing rapid so i learned how to think fast and i also learned how to think smarter

  38. Love how Germany dominates… Zeitnot, Zugzwang

  39. Bullet and blitz is like u eat fast food

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