Brand New Chess Cheating Drama Intensifies

Brand New Vladimir Kramnik Chess Cheating Drama with Jospem (Jose Martinez) Intensifies! Titled Tuesday blitz chess game.

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  1. Does Kramnik ever say what HIS accuracy is? That might tell us something.

  2. To be honest: I think Kramnik is more often right than wrong. It is hard to make the final proof that someone is cheating.

  3. i would intentionally cheat just to piss this guy off more…

  4. Kramnik has just highlighted a game between Paul Morphy and Johann Löwenthal from 1850. He noted something suspicious in an oil painting of the match, in which he claims Morphy can clearly be seen wearing an earpiece bearing the Apple logo. He has reported his findings to the relevant authorities.

  5. A lightyear is an extremely long distance.

  6. for those who dont know his suspicious are based on mathematics, he tracks down the logs of the player during weeks, on wednesdays/thursdays/fridays/saturdays/sundays/mondays the players has a average of 91% accuracy, but on tuesdays he suddenly always plays with 99.9%

  7. Funny how Jospem's FIDE over-the-board blitz rating is 50 points higher than Kramniks

  8. A light year lasts a year, whatever the speed 😉. Let's say the knight manoeuver would take ages.

  9. Kramnik! International Chess Police, feel the Force of Chess Justice when Kram comes to the Rescue.
    Feel the might of Kramnik's Chesscheater's Uncovering Force – KCUF for short.

  10. why this guy does not realize that YOUNG generation of chess players are far more clever, better tacticians and more aware of the board, you can't just accuse a person of cheating when you loose a game. it is time for kramnik to stop hue and cry and get on playing.

  11. a lightyear lasts….exaclty a year, so, your analogy would have worked though it does sound funny 🙂

  12. a light year is a measure of distance, not time ^^

  13. Maybe people should decline to play Kramnik, because of what will happen in fhey beat him.

  14. All natural moves. Kramnik played an inaccuracy

  15. You're weak for not calling out Kramnik on his bs. I mean, it's out of control and you're just farming content, kind of despicable.

  16. A light year is not a measure of time but of distance.

  17. man, i know Kramnik is a great player but hes turned himself into a meme (coming from a 34 year old) Second hand embarrassment to the max 🤦‍♀

  18. I wonder if Kramnik is having a mental breakdown. EVERYONE is cheating against him.

  19. If you play chess on some these sites you would clearly understand.

  20. I believe, I know what happened:
    Jose was simply better than him.

  21. Now we really do need showdown of blitz games between these 2 in otb. Let's see who wins in 50 games😅

  22. Kramnik is slowly becoming my favorite comedian.

  23. I think I light year is 1 million years. Nope 6 trillion miles according to google

  24. Please can someone create donation campaign for this guy to go a play against Kramnik? I will donate 100€ myselft. Can you promote it? I would like to see Kramnik to apologize.

  25. I think White's anti-Sicilian opening is known as the "Kopec System" (after the late IM Danny Kopec) and is not that weird.

  26. No editor, we need some more camel toe photos

  27. There shouldn't be any chess online where players are hidden and can easily cheat using multiple devices at once.

  28. The problem with Kramnik accusing so many players of cheating is that he minimizes the fact that there is actual cheating in the game. It's simply the human condition. Lots and lots of people cheat at anything competitive. Proving they cheat is the real problem.

  29. Do you all remember Morphy and bit later, Capablanca? Both of these players hailed from the 'New World' and from nations that weren't considered the chess strongholds. When they emerged on the scene, they shocked the chess world of their respective time periods, playing a level of chess that had never been seen before. You just have to wonder if chess 'machines' had existed in their day, would Morphy and Capablanca, too, been accused of cheating? Especially since they crushed virtually all of the world's best players of their time and in a short period of time.

  30. "and now we do procedure" lol I love when he said that I think earlier this year after a Jospem game. Just blocking and looking at game review or something

  31. gotta come with receipts. I'm sorry but you can't just destroy peoples careers with these allegations. What if people accused alireza of this. Or 16 yr old pragghghhahah I mean there are a lot of amazing young talent all growing up on stockfish. The chess talent will be very high caliber when you didn't have to send away for chess books and can instantly access all the data in the history of chess. In my humble opinion (imho). Plz do more lord of the rings videos. Or idk any story. You have a good imagination and way with words. And a light year is a distance so depends on how fast you r. if you are light still takes a year so probably slow

  32. For a 10 minute game, this would absolutely not be cheating. For 3 minutes, I’d still say probably not. It would depend on his previous games of which I’m not familiar.

  33. What happens if Kramnik was just trolling everyone this whole time to get more eyes on him LMFAO

  34. This Peruvian guy spanked Magnus pretty hard so Kramnik should not be so sure of cheating. Oh, I forgot, facts don't come into play regarding who is or isn't cheating!

  35. Everybody knows that this chess site is completly garbage. 800 Elo players play like club players. A waste of time.

  36. Let's hope they play a match on real board … Then maybe we will see if Kramnik can prove his point …

  37. an even game throughout – Kramnik carelessly left himself with a fractured pawn structure, then he got outplayed with very simple end game – the H pawn was untouchable – march the king in. A player of Jose's ability doesn't need an engine to convert that. Wish Kramnik would stop crying like a child every time he loses. It's pathetic.

  38. He has a point though. In all of his very few streams of TT , Alireza has voiced his frustration against Jospem frequently,so much so that he aims for a draw when he is playing with white pieces, I think it says it all. He says it is impossible for him to beat Jospem.

  39. A light year is a year traveling the speed of light. Its a distance.

  40. you would think that someone after spending their entire life competing would be able to accept defeat, but he literally thinks everyone who beats him is cheating

    what a pathetic loser

  41. "The Kramnik Scrolls" is a bigger document than Santa's "Naughty List" when he found out about OnlyFans

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