Botez Sisters VS BLINDFOLDED GM Hikaru Nakamura Blitz Match

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  1. hey I’m barely biased bc I like both of them but do you expect to beat the man who called Magnus “decent” like holy smokes

  2. Damn they lookin fine as hell 😏

  3. what happened in the first game. Can someone explaint to me why she blundered ? and couldnt take this rook ?

  4. Hikaru’s board is on the ceiling like Beth Harmon’s lol

  5. Andrea didn't flag, Hikaru lost. The guy inputing moves wasn't following Hikaru's instructions, he just moves – Hikaru wasn't playing

  6. I thin I'm more impressed with how Hikaru can use the mouse while blindfolded

  7. Damn, blind Hikaru got two hot girls screaming like that?

  8. Who is telling Hikaru the coordinates or is he just bluntly guessing it?

  9. U have all the right to cry when draw with gm who can,t see and don,t know what are the moves

  10. Hikaru: Who subscribed?
    Thank you to chess master!
    Thank you so much, appreciate it

  11. Alex is so cute – i'd have to play blindfolded

  12. I find it cute how Alex wiped it off 18:30 it shows raw emotions, chess is an emotionally charged game particularly on the last seconds of any blitz game

  13. Is her mic off ? And if not how hikaru know what moves she played..?

  14. How hikaru know the move of his opponent..?

  15. little one is hornys, sehr thuinks about fuicking hikaru or what

  16. do u wanna suck rl or make youtube videos

  17. i came really good but still culdnet look on the litlle one juist a bit

  18. can u r little sister not reald english anymore or what?

  19. quite some content when like james luc picard will serve a red wine for us

  20. wft is hikaru dpong still talking to the hwall ?:D

  21. Even blindfolded, Hikaru's ceiling has all the answers XD

  22. Andrea had that last one if she just took the knight on D6…

  23. I don’t see the checkmate. Could someone give the moves?

  24. cleary see the table and all attacks and discovered checks and to think of your moves and opponents moves, looks superhuman to me

  25. How does this work bruh. Do all gms have some kind of calculator in their mind to predict other's move or smth?

  26. why is it that virtually ALL the best chess players are men and not women?

  27. Anyone can beat someone blind folded. Just move the same piece twice over and over

  28. Hikaru Es increíble se merece ser campeon del mundo

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