Blitz Chess Tournament #2 (3|2)

This is a 1-hour tournament I created on lichess titled “Sjugirov tournament”. This tournament was played on lichess while broadcasting at . Time controls are set at 3 minutes with a 2 second increment.



  1. Hey Jerry, just wanted to say I enjoy all of your videos and that each one has made me learn something new about chess. I know it must be difficult finding the time to upload all these videos and to stream, but it really does benefit each and every one of your viewers and I am sure each one is as thankful as me. It isn't an accident your like:dislike ratio on your videos is so high, and I look forward to more of such high quality videos. Thanks again.

  2. Would love to see an analysis for the first game!! beautiful

  3. At 49:10 Ng3 wins the queen, am I missing something?Great video anyway

  4. how long does it take you, to become as good as you are?
    I started a couple weeks ago, to play more often, but in my feelings i'm not making any progress

  5. Thats pretty cool my subscription to your twitch channel popped up during the video at 13:13. I remember doing that it was like 1:00 in the morning or something.

  6. Very well played Jerry. Thanks for the video!

  7. Jerry I beat a 1900 rated player tonight at my local chess club because of your videos

  8. did you just missed free Queen at 49:22 or am I missing something?

  9. Have you dabbled in online poker, Jerry?

    Just listening to your commentary reminds me of some of the poker commentaries I used to watch back in the day.

  10. You could have beserked against some of the weaker players.

  11. weird nimzo, wasnt it better to move the c pawn before playing Nc6? keep on with your awesome content

  12. That first game was insane! Pure awesomeness Jerry.

  13. "This is a hole" is your new catch phrase

  14. The 2º round against "Self_Service (2358) be very impressive. I will watch all playlists here out this.

  15. 28:15, a fork with the G pawn? G6 would hit both the Queen and the Knight… The problem is what's next, then?

  16. 49:20 any reason not to go for knight g3 hitting the king and the queen in a fork?

  17. please please please Jerry +ChessNetwork can you do a video on Nakamura v Carlsen of the Grand Chess Tour?

  18. Hi, Jerry. Usually when I'm in a situation such as you were at 1:10, I recapture with the f-pawn, because (in my logic) it frees up the rook, so I see it as a developing move as well. Can you explain why did you recapture with the h-pawn, and what would be the flaw in my logic? Thanks

  19. So difficult at 3/2, but some really horrible blunders. 49.09 g7 x a1 ??

  20. I love the analysis and the commentary. The bishop sacrifice in the game against hdy5starz was an inspired movement. Made all the greater by the fact that you're on the clock.

  21. I love your tournaments. They are always useful

  22. Is DM a chess title, too? I can't seem to figure out what it means online. I'm just curious about Captain Obvious's screen-name

  23. Discussing his previous game during his current game. Only Jerry can pull that off. lol. love it.

  24. why do you always refer to your opponent as "them"?

  25. I like jerry's explaining in chess very clear. Thanks Jerry and Merry Christmas to you and family.

  26. 15:55 on to the rest of the game was so well done. multiple pieces under fire but cool and unstoppable progress. Bravo, sir

  27. Awesome move at [51:18]. Nice work, Jerry! And thanks for the video.

  28. Jerry gets his queen directly attacked. "That is a serious weakness"

  29. From what I’ve seen, berserkers tend toward overconfidence.

  30. My favorite game and IMO the most instructive one was the game against DM_Captian Obvious

  31. 28:21 I am thinking of forking the Queen and King Rg2, winning Queen. What am I missing? ggs!

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