Blitz Chess Match vs. GM guardianangel

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I play a five-game blitz chess match against a strong, anonymous Grandmaster at a time control of 3+0.

Final score: 2 wins, 3 losses.


  1. That guardianangel was super strong!

  2. Before anyone asks, I have *no clue* why I insisted on calling the Breyer Variation (9…Nb8) the Berlin in this particular video 🙂

  3. amazing set of games, john.. very strong play both of you…..thanks for this one.

  4. I wonder who this mystery GM is….the intrigue always kills me.

  5. Tough opponent. Well-played though, John.

  6. incredible to see how strong you are. guess i'll never get there :/ oh well 🙂

  7. don't you just feel proud when John wins against a gm lol

  8. Great match, thanks! Interesting to see him pop up, he also had a nice game against Max Dlugy in Max's most recent ICC show.

  9. What about adding a tactics day in your schedule? 1. Blitz day. 2. Bullet day. 3. Standard day. 4. Tactics day?

  10. creative risks, sounds good. maybe no pants fridays?

  11. Looking forward to mixed content, even though your usual stuff is gold! Ggs, John! 🙂

  12. This is exactly what you need. Better players, complex positions, accurate moves, time management (making moves in a couple seconds). The GMs don't make many mistakes.
    People have asked Hansen how he does it, and he said pattern recognition. You see patterns but often doubt yourself taking too much time on the clock. That's the next step.

  13. I started playing chess on lichess yesterday after watching chess videos for 2-3 years now. Well I found out that I have no idea how chess works. "So he wants to trade now" (does he?), "oh no, I cant do this" (why not?), "uh this is a good move by him" (is it?). – It was more fun to watch these videos when I thought that all of this is very clear and easy, and that I am just too slow to calculate it.

  14. Im happy John won several games against a very strong unknown player, he also managed to gain +1 rating point haha. Goodjob 🙂

  15. Strong Opponent
    By The Way, 7 DTG .! Cant wait 🙂

  16. John. GET THOSE NORMS!

    You seem to be able to stand with so many GM's. You even destroyed Nicklas from C24.

  17. Nice match. I would guess this GM may be one of your opponents in the upcoming competition who wanted to do some prepwork.

  18. 1-st game is a Breyer var. in Ruy, not Berlin defence, John! For KC such reservations its а generally matter)))

  19. @1:15 what is the idea of 17. … Bg7? It doesn't look like white can attack the knight on f6, and the bishop defends h6 just fine on f8. are you making room on f8 for a knight?

  20. Really high quality games. Enjoyed throughly.

  21. John your risks are usually pretty well calculated. Trust your intuition 🙂

  22. Παντελης Κυρκενιδης says:

    can you guys tell me the rating of chess players from the highest to lowest ? IM GM and that type of stuff

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