Blitz Chess : Magnus Carlsen’s top secret weapon against Sicilian buried in touch-move controversy!

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[Event “World Blitz Championship”]
[Site “Riyadh KSA”]
[Date “2017.12.29”]
[EventDate “2017.12.29”]
[Round “1.1”]
[Result “1-0”]
[White “Magnus Carlsen”]
[Black “Ernesto Inarkiev”]
[ECO “B20”]
[WhiteElo “2837”]
[BlackElo “2689”]
[PlyCount “53”]

1. e4 c5 2. a3 Nc6 3. b4 cxb4 4. axb4 Nxb4 5. d4 d5 6. c3 Nc6
7. exd5 Qxd5 8. Na3 Bf5 9. Nb5 Rc8 10. Nxa7 Nxa7 11. Rxa7 e5
12. Nf3 exd4 13. Nxd4 Bd7 14. Nb5 Qxd1+ 15. Kxd1 Bc6 16. Bd3
Bc5 17. Re1+ Ne7 18. Ba3 Bxa3 19. Rxa3 Rd8 20. Nd4 Kd7 21. Ra7
Rhe8 22. Kc2 Kc7 23. Rb1 Rb8 24. f3 Nd5 25. Nxc6 Kxc6 26. Bb5+
Kb6 27. Rxb7+ {At this point, Inarkiev played the illegal
27…Ne3+. Carlsen might have won instantly by claiming the
illegal move, but instead he instinctively moved his king out
of danger with 28.Kd3. At this point, Inarkiev stopped the
clocks and claimed victory on the basis that Carlsen made an
illegal move. The initial arbiter at first awarded Inarkiev
the win, but Carlsen alerted the chief arbiter, who overruled
the first arbiter, and gave Inarkiev the option of resuming
the game from the position arising after Carlsen’s
28.Kd3. Inarkiev refused to play and Carlsen was awarded the
win. Inarkiev appealed the chief arbiter’s decision, but his
claim was rejected by the appeal board and Carlsen’s win
stood. } 1-0

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  1. Sounds like bad sportsmanship from Inarkiev

  2. I saw another video on this that explained why [in the rules of chess] the point was awarded to Magnus.  The Chief Arbiter used the rules of chess.  I wish I could remember precisely which rule was used.

  3. Please tell me, which rule states that not reporting an illegal move is illegal in itself?
    The position after Magnus next move wasn't illegal any more and moving out of a check with a legal move shouldn't be illegal, so on what basis did the arbiter say Magnus lost?
    Yes it was outruled by the chief arbiter, but still …

  4. great to see some commentary on the actual chess and not the Inarkiev gambit, it was an interesting wing gambit game thanks KC keep up the good work

  5. The Wing Gambit has been my go-to blitz opening against the Sicilian for a couple years now. If Black plays the continuation up until Qxd5 I feel that I already have a winning game. White's Rook on a1 makes it hard to stop Nb5 when the square is also protected by the LSB. Basically the Knight can jump there whenever it wants, and from there even juicier squares like c7 and in some positions e6. I think Black playing a6 at any time is a mistake because it doesn't dissuade the Knight from jumping to b5. Black doesn't want to lose the exchange and have a pin on the back rank.

    So after Qxd5 and Na3, Black plays something like e5, e6, or Nf6. You can immediately jump to b5 with the threat being a royal fork on c7 next move. So Black defends with a Queen retreat to d8. Now you have ideas like pushing your D pawn and attacking the Knight on c6. Well the pawn is on a fork square so it can't be taken by a knight because of Queen takes, Queen takes, and Nc7 winning a piece.

    Instead of Nxd5, Black plays Ne5 with the idea of Nfd7 next turn, protecting the knight after Bf4. Black cannot hold the position together after Nf3. White wins with many attacking ideas.

    Going into the 2. …Nc6 variation and taking the pawns gives White everything he wants and there is no reason to allow it. 2. …g6 is a much more trying defense, because then White has to find a way to justify his opening play.

  6. The fascinating part about this is magnus played king d3! id love to know what was going through his head after knowingly giving a check ,interesting

  7. That wing gambit I believe is one of Bent Larsens many funny ideas. It is not a sound opening, but if black accepts, he dies! Best for black is to ignore it, and play centre, or as you recommended, a fiancetto on king side (and win).

  8. Maybe instead of moving his king Magnus should have played RxK! (Rb6)

    I think what you said, that the game should have been taken up from the check Magnus gave. Or the game just annulled.

  9. how about black plays his black bishop to C5 at 3 min 28 sec

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