Blitz Chess Legend Hikaru Nakamura’s First Stream!

Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura is legendary for his blitz and bullet chess binges in which he has dominated many of the world’s best chess players for a decade! Don’t miss his first ever chess stream in which he shares his thoughts as he takes on all comers on in the first episode of his new show, Nakamura’s Knockouts!

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  1. Funny how it mostly lags at critical points when your playing a russian with a better rating but plays like a 5yr old. Funny how that happens a lot! Funny how i get black pieces allllllll the time yet when i refuse to accept black pull out the fair use policy. Make me laugh your full of lag switches yh i said it and how do u prove someones not using an engine? I dont see how u can. If this is what the online chess has come to then im done. Cant be arsed playing cheaters and LAG in a blitz tournament WTF

  2. whoa, he do really streaming! I cant believe, he is my third-favourite player

  3. It looks so simple to defeat anybody when Hikaru plays!
    Love it!

  4. I like how Naka says "interesting" at every move that is not really main stuff and in most of the cases it`s a "?" move … nice guy, nice stream. Cheers man.

  5. Hikaru's actually a pretty cool guy here. Maybe his feisty reputation was exaggerated.

  6. Lol the first game. Annoying fucker wants to play to the very end, refuses to resign when he's got a completely lost position…

  7. 39:08 "I don't gno if h4 accomplishes anything but I kind of like it. So it looks cool. Doesn't mean its any good, obviously But, it looks cool." – Hikaru Nakamura (How to think like a super GM)
    Cool. Sometimes I think like a gm 😉

  8. Hikaru Nakamura is gr8 @ chess but so so with computers..14:55

  9. las veces que perdió le hecho la culpa al lag

  10. I have met logozar,me goes to my chess club… Small world

  11. "Its pretty much everythings win right now" 😁

  12. Señior Nakamura. He looks like Mexican in this video.


  14. Жаль, что не на русском. Было бы намного интереснее смотреть

  15. Nakamura looking good when slimed down. Looks like a samurai.

  16. this is great i really like the running commentary

  17. Haha treating triple digits with so much respect. 😂 Love this guy.


  19. I like naka's pompous attitude and serious play USA FTW!

  20. I'm a sad fucking joke at chess, like probably a 1800 TOPS if I studied and played nonstop for years but I love the shit out of the game, I get some of the underlying concepts, and to get to see players this fucking good (historically world-class) playing live and talking about it is such a fucking treat. For all the ways the world is awful, this is a little calm in the storm that makes things better. Thanks for doing this and Mr. Nakamura (and everyone else).

    Edited to add: as an amateur who reads some chess books here and there, plays some ranked games online, plays speed chess in the park sometimes, and loves the romance of the sport (whatever there is — you guys get it) , this is like getting to see (if you're a sports fan) LeBron James/Wayne Gretzky/Barry Bonds/etc. casually play and talk about the game. It's such a damn treat.

  21. If I lost to a guy while he started the game without both knights and a bishop I don't think I'd ever want to look at a chess board again.

  22. its lagging because he's faster than the damn computer lol

  23. are geniuses to do this… Naka is the king and the most interesting player for this type of thing!

  24. مصعب محمد المالكي Musab Mohammed says:

    هذا لعب

  25. Don't worry Hikaru thinks for you😂 f@kin genius

  26. His stream is pretty good. He should start with a twitch stream channel and also try to compete at higher levels.

  27. This man would be the driving force in popularizing chess from here to come, it's amazing that it started here.

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