Blitz Chess Death Match: John Bartholomew Vs Lawrence Trent

Two of the biggest names in chess go at it in this Death Match as IM Lawrence Trent (he of the World Chess Championship commentary fame) and IM John Bartholomew (he of the youtube) go at it!

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  1. To all the morons saying it's too long and is giving too much content… shut the HELL UP!

  2. Listening to Lawrence doing his trash-talk, i began to think that he should try to start a boxing career

  3. Love John's YouTube channel. I'm not a fan or Lawrence however, his humour sucks and he loves himself.

  4. man that was such a boring AF session. dont waste ur time on this. no quality chess. i mean they are getting paid by the people donations and lawrence trent decided to drink? He played absolutely garbage chess while being tipsy! GM simon williams atleast can still drink and play with quality. Lwrence has let me down. I had major respect for him but this behavior from him was not really ethical. People actually paid them donations to produce some quality chess moves like John did but sadly lawrence's game kept deteriorating with each sip of wine.

  5. $1000 to charity for getting housed

  6. At the end Trent reminds me about the poker player crying about a bad beat. Never a good look.

  7. i very much enjoyed this show …. Lawrence Trent is amazing … please get more of him … and as always
    John Bartholomew and Daniel Rensch were fantastic …. please more death matches

  8. Well I did enjoy the show and I don't care if they didn't play the best chess in their lives, the wine definitely was a handicap for Lawrence, but I thought it was funny, relaxed, easy-going for a 3+ hours video and it did have pretty good chess after all! Certainly better than the Simon/Ben match, which I saw Simon being pretty annoyed and frustrated.

    Bringing in any known player (Eric, Amman, John, Greg, Simon, Fionchetta, Lawrence, Yasser, Peter (too strong!?), Be, Jan) to this format is a pretty good idea to attract newcomers and more experienced players, IMO.

  9. Can you upload a version where Trent is muted?

  10. This was some good chess. But it was nothing compared to the great play of Ben and Simon.

  11. Lawrence vs Finegold Deathmatch would be complete gold

  12. I have seen lots of Im fins videos, am going to say suck it Lawrence trent

  13. Death match between john and Anna could that be possible?

  14. I cant believe Drawland Trumpt drew that 2nd game

  15. John Bartholomew, just got back from the Minnesota Chess Open playing my first rated tournament ever at 35 years old, played in the U1700 and finished with 2 wins 2 losses 2 draws 3.0 pts. Tournament chess is tough. I will be back. Thanks for all the Videos bro, you are a freaking legend in MN CHeSS and they mentioned you at the chess hall of fame ceremony.

  16. See how connection issues effect British players more than anyone else. Noticed on ps4 gaming regardless of internet speed. Now at chess!!! Lost to some American fools after losing on time. Wtf WTF!!!

  17. I'm loving these death matches. Any idea when the next one will be? Who will be participating?

  18. just commenting to warn future viewers: watch at your own risk. i got cancer 3 minutes into the first game. seriously.

  19. 1:39:10 "Oh, no no no, this cannot possibly work." John's so nice this was the harshest thing he said all match!

  20. Can we please get more of these? By far my favorite videos on the channel.

  21. “Rematch, not the bottle but the mouse”. Danny should honestly be a late night host or something.

  22. Lawrence : This is home preparation.
    After few moves, gets destroyed 😀 hahaha

    Lawrence should play Ben Finegold. He would feel the real trash talk 😛 Frankly Delicious.

  23. 18.00 lawrance can take bishop with rook.Why the did go to f8????????????????? anybody know ???

  24. L Trent is all talk and swagger in these events

  25. Mahihilig. Talaga kau mag chess ano? ?

  26. John would have destroyed both Simon & Ben as well

  27. "When in a position, I always think 'what would Magnus do,' and I never come up with the right answer." LMAO

  28. For those who don't know:
    Lawrence Trent is an absolute garbage, selfish person. He can't even pretend to be nice.
    Bartholomew is a genuinely good heart. He's my second favorite after Eric Rosen.

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