Blitz Chess #499: Battling Titled Players & 1.e4!

Game 1 vs. Nursultan1990:
Game 2 vs. IM travelreader1:
Game 3 vs. IM want2lose:
Game 4 vs. FM Canh Huan:
Game 5 vs. FM Jovan Miletic:
Game 6 vs. NM Marcos Ortiz:
Game 7 vs. GM Miroslav Markovic:
Game 8 vs. FM Vladimir Damjanovic:
Game 9 vs. Stree:
Game 10 vs. FM Vladimir Damjanovic:
Game 11 vs. FM Vladimir Damjanovic:
Game 12 vs. GM Miroslav Markovic:

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  1. Poggers probably refers to pogs which was big in the 90's but I'm not sure.

  2. 39:50 Bd5+ would have won the queen. But you found a better continuation with mate. Thank you for the video.

  3. Not to be too personal, but what exactly do you do to support yourself John?

  4. My gosh. If i was rich i would literally sponsor you just for making tons of daily youtube content. It’s such an amazing work you put into this channel. Thanks to you a lot of inspiring amateurs do not require the help of paid personal chess coaches at the start of their journey. (Like me) They get the highest quality fundamentals of simple and solid chess. You are basically doing it for free at it’s best.
    Can’t think of how cool it must feel to be your online student but thanks to the exchange rate it’s out of the question for me.

    I’ve been watching you for two years straight and man believe me, your channel is my daily routine:) I hope one day I’ll have a chance to meet you in person. Biggest fan from Poland 🇵🇱. Keep up the precious work! <3

  5. Please do an in-depth analysis (later) of the game against Jbgd! That was an interesting endgame.

  6. Bentleyh34 and prestonplays2332 wsicks says:

    What is your daytime profession?

  7. Thoughts on the new interface? Particularly the feature at the end where it gives a text description of the game based on mistakes, blunders, and missed wins.

  8. on 7:25, i'm curious why do you recapture 7. cxd5 exd5? i'm not very familiar with the Bf4 lines. in the tartakower, black tries Nxd5 to initiate more trades. since the knight on d5 also hits the bishop on f4, wouldn't it be more desirable to recapture with the knight?

  9. 50:14 what do you think about 30. Qh4 Bc6 with the idea Rd8+ Be8 so the queen defends the f7 square

  10. Hi John! Big fan of your channel. I was just wondering what your typical workday looks like. I recently took a job that allows me to create my own schedule (I am a musician/choir director/teacher) and am just curious as to how our careers might correlate. Thanks! – Darnaby

  11. e4! now thats the spirit, KG or Morra next time please 🙂

  12. 32:45 “Oh, uhm that backfired” That really made me laugh haha. This was a super enjoyable video! Keep at it John!

  13. I'm a d4 player but I always like seeing you play varied openings, even if I can't follow them as well. It seems to really give energy to your play, which is exciting to watch.

  14. Hi John. Do you know how many times you've mentioned Jan Krzysztof Duda while playing? Lots!
    "I'm gonna DUDA"
    "Hmmm… I don't think he can DUDA"
    "Yeah… Let's DUDA"
    "Shall I DUDA?"
    Hello from Poland

  15. My king is actually really safe her….oh that’s checkmate

  16. These opening choices made it so cool to watch. It might be that I've gotten a better understanding of chess, but I feel you found so many cool moves; much more than I usually see you find, and your style was really aggressive. I love your other videos, but I feel that this change up in openings made the games a bit more interesting than usual, so thanks for that :).

  17. It makes u wonder how ppl like this become GM and John, an IM just stomps them with no problem

  18. Does anyone else notice how he looks just like the Daredevil. Its the freaking Devil of Chess Kitchen

  19. Magnus crushed everyone in this Arena bullet. John, I would love to see more video on "Tactics Training Ladder".. REALLY LIKE THEM!
    PS: Thanks for this video as well! 😛

  20. John where do you work? Or what do you do career wise.

  21. Wow, great stream setup John. Looks really sharp!

  22. Love e4! Was super excited for this video when I saw it!

  23. Im a bit confused at 44:17 dont you just take the rook and bishop for queen and be down a single point but fight on? Sure its not perfect but surely its not over?

  24. In the last game after 12. Bxd6 you had cxd6, it was crushing, you are threatening Bb5 mate and Qxg7, after cxd6 then a6 (or any other move) and then Qxg7 Nf6 and Bg5 winning a piece. After cxd6 black always ends up losing a piece.

  25. very enjoyable! john when you makin an instagram account so I can tag you in my posts?

  26. Finally some e4 action! Also some hillarious games here. My favourite was "I am really safe around my king….oh I got checkmated."

  27. Loved the video! As an 1. e4 player I found this extremely instructive! I would really like to see more 🙂

  28. i switched from the french to scandi and life has just become so much easier.

  29. Just read Tyson's bio too! Crazy life. I wish I'd had all his money tho, I would've spent it a bit more wisely.

  30. Great session, thanks for the content! I have to play 3|2 during my short breaks at work so seeing the game through your eyes has really helped me understand better strategy

  31. That jbgd game was an ugly mess… That's non-increment chess for you I suppose.

  32. Keep up with these e4 sessions please! The e4 community will appreciate it! Great work!

  33. At around 30 minutes black maintained the threat of bishop captures a3 with queen takes night

  34. At 1:02:00 I wondered about black playing Rc4. You can't take it because mate in 2, but looking at the engine tells me the only 'good' move is Rxf7 which is… something. It's a cool variation though, wanted to point it out.

  35. There is no-one I've seen lose a game and treat it with such good humour a dignity as John. An absolute gentleman. Always appreciate your videos 🙂

  36. such a wonderful treasure of blitz games

  37. Really like the way you think. Non emotional responses to mistakes is a hard thing to do

  38. I'm really safe actually, around my King.
    Check Mate

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