Blitz Chess #493: Feeling Confident

Opponents include IM Mario Belli, GM Leonid Yudasin, Kingwalker, IM Rene Alonso Garcia, Rickson34, IM Mehmed Pasalic, Eliasroberto, and fernandomata.

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Final score: 7 wins, 2 losses


  1. Glad to see your game John. Big fan.. Improved my chess rating in from 1200 to 1600 only watching your videos. Also learning scandi πŸ˜‰ from chessable. You are a great teacher. Thanks alot John.

  2. New John Bartholomew video?
    Step 1: Like video
    Step 2: watch video

  3. John! You missed the lichess titled bullet tournament! But it's good to get a new video from you.

  4. New member of #TeamScandi! Your theory on the Scandi (on chessable) has come quite in handy in helping me learn this solid opening. The pawn structure is my favorite part of this strategy so far (French Defense player).

  5. What did we do to deserve an 75 minute video?! yay ty πŸ™‚

  6. Great video John! Nice to see you before my bed timeπŸ’€

  7. Yudasin was a 2-time candidate back in the days. That's a serious scalp, John! Congrats πŸ™‚

  8. Hey John! Maybe I'm misremembering… Weren't you Andrew Tang's teacher a while back? Your thoughts on his making GM? I'd love to see the two of you square off!

  9. That feeling when you're so good at chess, you can discuss the history of pirates while playing.

  10. 0:00 w benoni vs MBelli
    9:29 b scandinavian Nc3 Qd8 g3 vs besmall
    19:31 w modern defense vs MBelli
    28:51 w modern defense vs Kingwalker
    36:57 b symmetric english vs Rickson34
    45:09 w e6 torre vs Magnon
    55:40 b london system vs Eliasroberto
    1:05:17 w qgd exchange, minority attack vs fernandomata

  11. Read up on black Bart, he's gotta be one of the best pirate captain leaders in the golden age he introduced benefits for pirates with peg legs lol


  13. Yes! 100% recommend the Wikipedia rabbit hole. Recommend:Β  eunuchs, Genghis Khan, Mata Hari, various founding fathers, Hawking Radiation, Alice in Wonderland/ Lewis Carroll, Timbuktu, The Forbidden City, Michel Foucault,Β prime number(s).

  14. Good luck John! You are great, I love the way you teach. Because of your 1. d4 repertoire on Chessable I've earned about 120 elo points in 2 tournaments! Keep rolling J πŸ˜‰

  15. Thanks John, your videos are so motivating! I watch them game by game and have to play a blitz game myself after each game πŸ™‚

  16. Ha! I know the feeling about rabbit holes! I got into exploration of deep space … and hardly made it back on Earth!
    Regarding chess: I really like your style of play and I try to copy that. Logical and natural moves … stick to basics, keep it simple … the problem is, that you can do this in seconds …
    I might be able to draw against you one day … if you have 3 minutes, and I have 5 months with 3 days increment! ;O)

  17. I love how you explain the game and how simple you make it all sound. Your videos have really improved my chess, thanks for another one!

  18. If you could find time consider posting one standard game.

  19. A beautiful mind > john nash > game theory > prisoner's dilemma > tragedy of the commons

  20. Learned majority of openings,middlegames,endgames and calculations from your vids. Thank you john : )

    All the best for your near GM Title Quest. We as your loyal fans/subscribers are runing for you to get the GM title.😊

  21. What is that 1 shiny dot into the black void behind the open door?

  22. john, love your videos…i was curious of what you order when you go to starbucks?

  23. Wikipedia binge happens on the daily for me, John.

  24. Pareidolia and The Miracle of the Sun

  25. Hey John nice to have you back!!! I really like to look up countries and cities on wiki. I am huge on geography and I am fascinated by looking into other countries, looking at their maps, reading about their traditions, etc.

  26. Once I went down a rabbit hole of fatalities in sports, mainly auto racing and boxing. I was trying to determine which is the most dangerous organized sport and auto racing seems to win by quite a bit (at least in the modern era).

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