Blitz Chess #493: Feeling Confident

Opponents include IM Mario Belli, GM Leonid Yudasin, Kingwalker, IM Rene Alonso Garcia, Rickson34, IM Mehmed Pasalic, Eliasroberto, and fernandomata.

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Final score: 7 wins, 2 losses


  1. I love Wikipedia also. My brothers and I like to play what we call Wikipedia Race. We all open the same Wikipedia article on our phones. Then we pick another unrelated article as the finish line. First person to make it to the finish line article only by clicking links wins. A lot of fun and it's amazing to see how all the wiki articles are connected somehow.

  2. Have you done a 'Wikipedia binge' on CHESS articles, John? Especially regarding the chess geniuses of yore? 🙂

  3. Hy. John..I actually learnt a lot watching u play..!. thanks..

  4. Thanks for the update John!! Been wondering about your thoughts. I really watched your games everyday lol. You played really well, keep it up and your GM will come in know time. Oh and keep changing lives!!

  5. Hey John, I would suggest you to watch the series Black Sails, its on Netflix. Its about the golden age of piracy, I really enjoyed and I think you will enjoy as well!

  6. A very decent and patient chess player i ever seen .. Ur a living inspiration . Al the best for ur norms

  7. *automatically likes video within first 3 seconds because knows it will be awesome

  8. John, which interface do you prefer on ICC the most? Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the upload john, always enjoy seeing that epic facial hair, i mean chess!

  10. Check out the Wikipedia article on the "Delayed Quantum Eraser Experiment". Pretty mind-blowing.

  11. getting better and having fun doing it… keep up the hard work and thanks for the upload

  12. Thanks you much as always John for the very enjoyable and instructive post, Congrats on your fine London performance, even if it wasn't quite norm-worthy, and Enjoy your Holidays !

  13. Hey John, do you think you could do more OTB stuff, those are always awsome videos 🙂

  14. Can anyone tell me the name of the software? It looks pretty useful.

  15. I love the wikipedia page on unsolved physics problems. One is, for example, why does time move only forward?

  16. 6.5/9 with a 2500+ performance rating is very strong John! Great job!

  17. Check out “Timeline of the far future” on Wikipedia.

  18. Hi John! Love the video, as always.

    Question for you (or anyone else who wants to answer): at 14:15 you say "he can't go to the h-file because I have rook h8", and then at 14:35 you say "oh he can go to the h-file". What did you see? Why doesn't rook h8 work now? Does white have a tactic here that I missed?


  19. @John Bartholomew, I once went down a philosophical rabbit hole concerning free-will and neuroscience; apparently, humans are just puppets who love their strings.

  20. I could play a game with John's commentary in the background and gain 100 points. Smoother than a shake but more dangerous to your health. Keep it up John.

  21. maybe check out WW1 history, it's an incredible time period. everything changed, the world was never the same.

  22. Huge treat to have the fresh video JB. Hope you'll post a few more during the holidays!

  23. The wikipedia race one user talked about actually is a thing online. If you ever want to get a hand on different game than chess, give it a try :-D.

  24. Hey John good game! Can you play players under 1400? Thanks!

  25. Hi John, it's Stefan, remember me? We talked for some time on the last day of the London Chess Classic. Hope you are well, and I think it was the right decision for you to pass on that tournament. For my part I'm completely over my illness. I have a tournament planned for just after Christmas, hopefully I can make it.

    I've found a short one for you to read, haha:
    In all seriousness I really love articles about twentieth century history and current political events: World War II, Cold War, Gulf War etc.

  26. Thanks Jhon for play blitz. Is very amazing look you. I send my warmest regards fronteras Argentina!

  27. I'm kind of new to chess, but have seen a lot of John's videos. Can somebody tell me how close he is to becoming a grandmaster or the process required for him to become GM?

  28. Hey John! Can you give an update on your London FIDE open results? Was your performance rating good enough for GM norm?

  29. Thx for another great video! And wow, as a supporter of chessable I even received a X-Mas card today, signed by John. Thanks, I appreciate it & Happy Holidays for you and everyone at chessable!

  30. Cute tactic there in the end. Great video as always.

  31. Hi John. What do you think about Google Deep Mind Alpha Zero?

  32. The Roman Republic/Roman Empire is the ultimate rabbit hole. And if you want to take it further, check out the History of Rome podcast. It's amazing how much Rome has influenced us today. I'd recommend starting off by checking out the Youtube series, by Extra History, on the Brothers Gracchi.

  33. The knight move in the last game is splendid

  34. heavy breathing .. thats me when i find out john's uploaded a new vid

  35. The best chess channel on yt hands down.

  36. Hey John.. If you liked reading about pirates, you should watch a TV series called Black Sails, its awesome, they have all these famous pirates! Regards

  37. john! it's been a while! miss hanging out in the streams! i see you haven't changed your door closing habits 😉

  38. The tilt goes on for days in my case. Free rating points for everyone in those moments

  39. I have forgotten what the requirements for a GM norm was. I thought it was at least 6.5 and performance of 2500, what are the requirements?

  40. always instructive for woodpushers like me. thanks. BTW, where do you stand re: GM norms? achieved? needed?

  41. at 15 .56,why cant Rh8 be played…am i missing something?

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