Blitz Chess #491: Aggression Pays

Opponents include BPaulsen, IM Eduard Kanter, GM Walter Arencibia, IM Alfonso Almeida, and OpeningMagician.

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Final score: 4 wins, 1 loss


  1. @18:29 in that endgame it's funny how the engine has you under-promoting as the best continuation even though it's dead lost, obviously.

  2. If you are using John's videos to improve and not just for entertainment, watch them twice, first time on silent.

  3. You've been playing really well lately, have you been booking up for tournaments or something? haha

  4. At 2:22 if Rxh5 Bxe7 Rxa1 Bxa4, no? So the a-pawn isn't hanging.

  5. I know your last opponent was a strong GM, but after 34:14s he always played the top computer move. Don't know if he was cheating or he's that good

  6. Some very nice games and instructive moments in this session John! (as always)

  7. Caruana was convinced that all of the players at the Sinquefield Cup knew that specific Berlin Variation which was played until the end.

  8. i like that when you were talking about openings, the icc pool threw "OpeningMagician" at you, as if you to test you.

  9. Hey John!

    Just want to say thank-you for continuing to upload high quality content after all these years. I guess that's why myself (and many others) are still here. Keep up the good work!

  10. That was an amazing game against GM Capawal! Great video

  11. In the first game, as black, would 11 … Ng3?! give enough compensation if white recaptures with 12 hxg3 Qxg3 and white's king is somewhat exposed? (Black's plan then to do a rook slide via Rf6->g6 or h6.

  12. Love your videos, John! I think it would be nice if you challenged GM Krikor Mekhitarian for a blitz match.

  13. Super interesting video thanks for posting! Found your channel from Daniel Rench. Subbed 🙂

  14. it is nice to play aggressive once in while, it seems to force your opponent to waste time to find the accurate response, and finding an accurate response continuously for a series of attacking moves is not easy.

    I gained 100+ rating points at lichess by playing a bit more aggressively. ( i am now 1500 classic and 1450 blitz)

    IMO, you should try to play against more aggressive players, i think the ginger gm have been looking to play 15 minutes games few weeks ago i think

  15. In the game against Capawal, doesn't 14 Qxg5+ win at least a pawn, given that 13 … Bxd5 blocks black's queen's control of g5?

  16. Also in the game against Capawal, 20 Nxf7+! Black can take the knight with either the knight or rook, but both lose the queen to 21 Qxe3. !! Trade: 1 pawn and queen for white, and black gets two minor pieces after 21 … Kxh7. Can anyone top this with a mating net?

  17. John after I watched your videos I bumped up 300 points to 1100. Thank you for having the clearest explanations on move orders and exchanges.

  18. How can someone even dislike this? Makes me cry. 😭

  19. I have a question im wondering if any of you guys have advice, so when i play players lower than me and i see a good sequence of moves but it can be defended but i dont think my opponent will find the defence but if he does, ill be slightly less winning what should i do?

  20. Wild one vs Tugrik! V. interesting rook idea – really cool …Kc4! Gotta remember that one.

    Good stuff as always and never a dull moment. Better'n TV.

  21. Hi John!Could you bring more longer chess matches(Classical 15m)
    Tnks!Great Vid as always!

  22. I really admire how you can say "I'll play one more" and stick to it. My one more is more like 4 hours, but you inspire me to be true to my plans.

  23. post some more 960 games that was fun on friday

  24. When I am watching your videos, it makes me feel like chess is very easy to be good at.

  25. i want to see his reaction to mikhail tal

  26. Thanks for the upload! Ive been watching you for about a year, you've improved my play a lot!

  27. min 36 Na4? where can I find lichess study in the game?
    thank you for the great content, and great teaching style. 🙂

  28. John, thought you would like to know that Ron Weasley is part of Team Scandi. Watch the chess scene in the first Harry Potter movie and its e4. d5. guess this opening is truely magical

  29. Johhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! We are going through WITHDRAWL man…

  30. 2:21 John says he's threatening the a pawn, but if Rxa4 can't you just play Bxe7 putting tempo on the queen then just take the rook?

  31. I'm a novice who's just tryin to get better. You've taught me to analyze my games on my own, then use the engine, even on blitz games. Your chess fundamentals vids, climbing the rating ladder series, etc. have helped me re: hanging pieces and I've won a few games just by taking advantage of that. Thanks so much, John. I hope to meet you some day and shake your hand (okay, and play a game with you) 🙂

  32. What about if you would play "e5" 24.move in game vs Machinegun (IM)?
    (VideoTime- 30:40)

  33. Is there any way you could give me lessons?

  34. John you are a fantastic teacher. I've just watched old series Chess Fundamentals and I learned a lot 🙂 If you could continue this series that would be great

  35. Hey John, any chance of a livestream playing a game using the FIDE 90 minute time control? Just a friendly game where you have loads of time to talk and think would be great to watch!

    Also, I am thoroughly surprised and pleased that you pulled that win out at 13:00

  36. who’s grinding through all of John’s games from 3 + years ago

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