Blitz Chess #488: Time Scrambling!

Opponents inlude juniorpov, TrendFriend, zuza, IM Amrou Sobh, Teddybagwell2, and IM Marcin Szelag.

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Final score: 5 wins, 1 draw


  1. 1:25 i was like: "take the pawn, take the pawn, take the pawn" takes the pawnMe: yeeeeessss!!

  2. finally John uploads a video when I have nothing to do !!! as opposed to the usual upload right as i leave for chess club or a date. #hehe #lol

  3. Hi +John Bartholomew, nice video as usual! would you please let me know what is software you are using for playing chess? Thanks a lot for the clean content!

  4. You missed a mate in two against Teddybagwell2. 32. … Qf2:+

  5. Are you planning on playing some 15-minute games again in the near future? Those are my favorite.

  6. john what is ur goal? do u want to be a GM maybe a super gm

  7. Hey John on 40:41 didn't Qxf2 was mate in 2? (It's easy for me to see it because I can pause the video lul)

  8. Hey John, just a quick question, I recently watched your match with GM Simon where he told you to get your GM norm, so: How many GM norms do you have if any? And how close
    are you to becoming a GM?

  9. Hi John i've been a fan of you since 8 months ago, and i have question which im struggling on for long time. My rating often goes up and down every few weeks. 3 weeks ago my blitz rating in is 1700+ and now it is 1444. Does it happen to high players also? do you have a solution? I just cant keep my rating stable . Is it because i over-played or is there other reason….

  10. after your recent video that you're changing your openings, it's interesting to see you play the d6 sicilian instead of e6. i'm looking forward to seeing what line you're adopting against the KID. between your exchange/saemisch and CE's petrosian/makagonov, i've seen a wide variety of positions.

  11. John Bartholomew, what software shell/client are you using in the game?

  12. Lots of sicilians! now you are playing real chess! jaja. Can you explain why some coaches doesn`t like e5 (for black in sveningen set up for example)? and you are a fan of that move. greetings from Argentina!

  13. John, we want more climbing the rating ladder!

  14. Hi John. Great chess as usual. I especially liked how your h-pawn came to the rescue against TrendFriend!

  15. "IM tough guy", when you said it like that, it cracked me up.

  16. Always enjoy your content. Your explanations of the various strategies behind different openings had helped me a lot over the board. They tend to stick so I will try them out, usually with pretty good success. As always, thanks for all the great content!

  17. John, Why did you stop the tactics training ladder series?

  18. I always dread it when I hear "Oh it's check, Yikes !!"

  19. Awesome videos with commentary. Helped me a bunch. Starting to play more Sicilians and understandings positions better. Cheers John!

  20. Time scrambling indeed, but no flags for you. And no losses. Improvement? I think so. GG's John.
    Welcome back from Arizona, looks like you managed to get some sun. Or is that just the lighting?

  21. John, thank you for your tremendously helpful and entertaining videos. I'm sure you have spoken on this previously but if you could make a short one explaining chess titles, I would be very grateful. Is it a goal of yours and most high-level chess players to become a grandmaster? What is the process and likelihood of this happening? I realize this is highly Googlable but I would rather hear it from you. Thanks John.

  22. There is a new chess streamer competitor, Hickory Nakamumu or something, have you heard of him ?

  23. Classical Chess Rivals with Simon Williams, please? 😀 He also complains about encountering cheater during his long play games 😉

  24. At 20:58 Qa1+ looks very strong. That definitely happens a lot though where you see a forcing move your opponent can play automatically think you blundered.

  25. Reddit's got your back – we're just spreading the gospel according to John…Bartholomew

  26. Subscribed I think I can learn alot of things from u by u explaining why u made that move

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