Blitz Chess #487: Back from the Desert

Opponents include gilih, Schraubendreher, FM damjan04, and IM Alfonso Almeida.

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Final score: 5 wins, 0 losses


  1. Hello John, I've just started playing chess this summer. I have bought a few beginner and up books and improved my game at chessacademy. I found your videos a few days ago and like them really much! I like the way that you speak your thoughts and it's really entertaining

  2. Please give the link to the Tarrasch – Sämisch game you were referring to, John. 🙂

  3. John has seemed to focused on getting better lately. gm John in no time.

  4. Hi John, could you post a link to the Tarrasch vs Saemisch game that you mention around 16:03? Love your channel by the way!

  5. I love that you're working on your game! It really shows in your play. After watching a tooon of your videos I like seeing some new openings and what seems like more dynamic/tactical play. GM Bartholomew has a nice ring to it.

  6. John! Long time Lurker. You need to make it out to the Cincinnati and play some giant chess!

  7. 112.25 advantage white. Well john looks like you were just slightly winning

  8. Hey John, did you catch a monsoon when you were out here? Also, this is cool weather! haha

  9. Update first line of the description to include "your time". Keep'em coming!

  10. when you tried to say "screwdriver" in german haha!
    thank you for the upload Mr Bartholomew! you nailed them opponents ezpz

  11. Nice video John! I was wondering if you think it's worth signing up for Kasparov's masterclass in the fall? Do you think it's worth $90.

  12. Chess is a full fight, boxing is only half a fight. 😉

  13. 11:50 Schraubendreher is German for screwdriver and your pronunciation wasn't that bad

  14. Welcome back. Strong play in sharp positions. Love to see such good chess!

  15. congrats on 40k John

    don't let the fame get to you 😉

  16. In the first game just as I was thinking "ok. he's gona trade queens…" you said "you know me.. looking to trade queens." haha – Nice finish to that game. Thanks for the video.

  17. 24:29 I like the "Shavin' Engine" line in the Sicilian! Good session, John!

  18. Hi John, at 41:49 after he castled you were still pinning his knight on f6. Couldn't you have Bxh7? Free pawn?

  19. hopefully there are some upcoming videos from that Arizona chess camp! 🙂

  20. it's nice to see you up uploading more frequent content again. 🙂

  21. AZ dry heat is nothing, try a humid heat here in wisconsin

  22. We appreciate you risking losing on time because you spend so much time explaining to us what's going on!

  23. John,when are you playing IM AstanehChess?

  24. Hey john, I love your videos! you have inspired me to try and get a USCF rating, although I still need to go to the tournament. I just don't know what to expect. Have you ever seen a quadriplegic at a chess tournament? Reason I'm asking is because I'm one, I don't have enough arm movement to move the pieces or hit the clock. Would they let me just tell my opponent my move for him/her to move the pieces and hit the clock? Thanks for any advice and as always keep up the good work with your videos!

  25. Keep going, my chess players who want improve their lever watch your games! Thanks a lot

  26. Thanks for sharing Sir, I'm a bit stronger now. Thanks again.

  27. who dislikes these videos? is that not a truly valid and legitimate question to ask? Someone help me out here guys

  28. 18:26, my thoughts exactly, you dont ever want to get into the main lines of the velomirovich attack -__-

  29. Glad to see another new vid from my fav chess YouTuber!

    Been working through your chess fundamentals playlist and they've been helping my game a ton! Thanks!

  30. Hey John, I must say that I like the way you do your videos, they have really helped me improve my chess especially the climbing the rating ladder series. I get a chance to see all different types of openings, mainline theories and refutation also a few tactics. Two questions though: 1) You did mention that you might climb the rating ladder on different chess servers, I haven't seen it, if its there please provide the link. 2) What is the value of examining games from way way back like games of karpov, kasporav Paul Morphy etc?

  31. Hello john I like this channel. It has helped me a lot. I am from Dallas, tx and I play poker with a lot of guys that know u personally. Ur channel helped me win my section of millionaire chess 2 in Vegas! Congrats on ur channel

  32. 25:06 bishop takes g5 john!! queen can't take because of royal fork with nf3.

  33. 110 degrees when you got off the plane…damn lol. Good vid, btw. As always

  34. I'm always humbled when I go to Bartholomew's channel. I think I'm the shit with my 1700 blitz rating while John here could probably beat me without a queenside rook.

  35. Nice play, hyperactive commentary and hyperactive play too!

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