Blitz Chess #486: Grandmasters and Sharp Sicilians

Opponents include GM Ivan Saric, valparaiso79, GM Alexey Korotylev, Joop, and GM Pontus Carlsson.

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Final score: 3 wins, 3 losses


  1. John, why do you even use Windows 10 when there's Mac OS ?? You are a great chess player, you should have respect for logic 😀

  2. Hey John, are you trying to get faster for any particular reason? Are you pursuing your Grandmaster title?

  3. if you think Windows 8 is better than windows 10 you've lost a loyal fan John

  4. Your time management over the last couple videos has been far superior to your norm.
    Have fun on your trip John. Drink plenty of water, Arizona is scorching hot this time of year, especially for a northern boy like yourself.

  5. JB- Yes, I think … h5 is a critical idea in these Sicilians with dbled f pawns, even if you just lose the Harry pawn. If you can get the black B to h6 it can hamper white's ability to attack, giving you time on the Q side and center. (Just keep an eye on d6). This is a tough position to play, but I have managed to stymie players a class above me OTB with it. They feel obliged to crack it open.


  6. Windows 10 has worked well for me, haven't really had any issues that I can remember. I think Windows 8 is much worse. (But W7 is pretty good).

  7. John, bring back standard chess videos please!

  8. thank you for the video. voice audio is lacking bass frequencies, new mic or changed sound? or mic is further from your mouth?

  9. Hey John will you make Climbing The Rating 2000-2220 🙂

  10. I love watching John take on the GM's 🙂

  11. Sir do you follow any checklist before making each move? If so could you please explain.

  12. GM Carlsson was definitely from the Czech Republic and not Sweden.

  13. Awesome game against Joop. Really enjoyed your mentality in that game, energetic play forcing your own agenda onto your opponent!

  14. 10:47 "he offered a draw *meh, not today my friend, not today" 😀 one of the best moments of JB

  15. Windows 8 hasn't this compulsory update problem

  16. 29:40 You've never heard of Tokelau because it's not really a country.

  17. Tough field today. You had that 2k player but otherwise 2300s+ and twice against 2500.

  18. Thank you John. Really enjoy the analysis. Always food for thought.

  19. Looking forward to some blitz and other silliness at the chess camp ! have fun there, best channel ever

  20. Windows 10 is great for e commerce and controlling what we see and where we go. So I browse with Mozilla. Still I get messages that slow my computer down when I am trying to win at blitz.

  21. john I really struggle with the kind of position you had against Joop, which you said was principal. Any famous game to look at?

  22. Like ur chessplay and uploads 🙂 🙂

  23. Where does he play all of those chess games? Is it a website?

  24. i play a similar position in the old mainline in the najdorf as that "suicide" line. h5 is a good move generally to prevent qh5 using the pin on the f pawn. been a while since i actually looked at it or played it bc i play it well but burn too much time trying to survive then blunder once ive navigated to advantage. fun to see you try it out.

  25. I am waiting for the day when John can say, " Hi guys, this is Grand Master John Bartholomew". Keep up the good work John,really enjoy all the videos.

  26. Can you do a separate vid on openings? The reti for white..

  27. "I don't want to pontificate too much against Pontus" I see what you did there.

  28. Why do I always watch your vids at like midnight? Lol

  29. Windows 10 problems? It's probably time for a new HD. I did a fresh install of 10 on a brand new SSD drive and it is blazing fast with no issues whatsoever.

  30. wow. didn't know you could castle queen side when the b8 square is under attack. now i know

  31. Windows 10 is the best if you install a fresh copy. Somehow the upgrade from windows 7 or 8 to windows 10 is making your computer run slowly. Also I don't recommend you to downgrade back to the existing version. Windows 10 shines on a fresh installation.

  32. I hate people who offer draws in clearly losing positions. That is one of the rudest things you can do. Some people have no self respect smh.

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