Blitz Chess #482: 6 games in the ICC 3-minute pool

Opponents include IM abatron, GM Boban Bogosavljevic, GM Hichem Hamdouchi, valparaiso79, GM Emanuel Berg, and TrendFriend.

Final score: 3 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw

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  1. As an audio engineer, I can guarantee you that the sound is much better than in previous videos.

  2. thanks for the videos. prefer longer games than 1min cos i cant follow it

  3. Excellent video as always John! Sound quality is noticeably better in this video than your last one!

  4. 23:44 Dang, I was really looking forward to seeing how a solid, positional player plays the Muzio Gambit.

  5. Great educational videos as always John! Keep em coming, I watch em all.

  6. John, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing content. When I first started watching your videos, my USCF rating was 2165. Now my rating is 2140!

  7. Much better sound quality in this video, far less echoey and you also got rid of the boomy low frequencies. Out of curiosity, which mic are you using?

  8. It's such a good feeling to come home from work and seeing a video from John…

  9. "Game selection is underrated"
    I never know if you're talking about poker or chess 🙂

  10. Thanks John, your videos are great. at 1400, I can't imagine how you can play and commentate at the same time! When I'm playing, it gets so intense I forget everything going on around me, the idea of talking someone else through the game in real time seems so hard.

  11. If you are anxious during games i think changing the diet before a tourney really helps. eliminate processed food at least a day before. The mind becomes clear and serene.

  12. holy shit the door is closed! John I love you more than my family

  13. John amazing vid. if your besting GMs with this youll soon be The G GM JB(The Great Grandmaster John Bartholomew)

    also John could you do a vid of you playing against the stockfish

  14. Is "nothin' doing there" some Minnesota vernacular?

  15. Looks like you only played 6 games. Clickbait? 🙂

  16. Great instruction as always. As to your question, the audio is better on this video. The previous had a reverb-like quality to it. Cheers

  17. I think John could have played a nice move at 33:27 by playing bishiop to F5 the pawn is pinned by the rook and if rook takes the queen can take back and the pawn on e6 cannot take back because of the pin

  18. Holy Cow i cant understand how it is that comp says +m5 and not +m2 in the position at minute 28:30. That's how im bad 😀

  19. loved your comeback at the last game John. Fancy stuff

  20. John, totally agree with your comment about being mindful of your state of mind when playing. I would add you definitely shouldn't play when tired. You just lose loads of points. It's incredible how much better one plays with a fresh, calm mind. Zen out bro.

  21. Hey John, in this line of the french you kinda wanna play on the queen side by going 14. Nc3. With the idea of the fork and if a6 you go Na4 and so on. Having said that it was really interesting to see your approach to the position!

    also, could you answer my question in the comments of standard game #103? haha really wanna know the name of this book

  22. Far better in this video, too much background pick up in previous video.

  23. Given the time constraints, it looks like 52… Rf2 would have led to any easy perpetual (or the win of the queen) in the last game

  24. I've watched every video that you've ever made. The advice about playing when in a good mood (balancing one's lifestyle/stress) was something I had always thought was correct, but had never heard. I'm a very emotional player and probably play down 600 or so elo points when stressed.

  25. in the last game why not Qa5 instead of Qxe3??

  26. Really sound life / chess advice around 29 min in…Always a pleasure to watch you play John. Thanks!

  27. In the last game, time 42:04, move 51 after Ke2 there was a nice Nd4+! winning the queen. 🙂

  28. John- When do you think you will become a grandmaster?

  29. I have never seen a game with 4 queens on the board lmao. That's blitz for you.

  30. Why do people offer draws when they're getting mated? Have some dignity ffs.

  31. Stopped the video at 29.41 to post this comment. How correctly you pointed out how the state-of-mind should be to play better chess. Very true. I admire your passion Fins !!

  32. 42:00 The simplified position after 50…Rxc3+ 51. Qxc3 Ng4+ 52. Kxf3 Nh2+ 53. Kg2 Bxc3 54. Kxh2 should be winnable with 6-7 seconds… :p

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