Blitz Chess #480: IM Bartholomew vs. FM JustKid (Symmetrical English)

The Symmetrical English (1.c4 c5 pawn structure with a number of branches) can lead to subtle strategic play or even open, tactical affairs. This game follows a main line wherein White executes a lengthy knight maneuver (Nf3-e1-c2-e3-d5) to play for long-term control of the d5-square. My opponent, Ben, plays well and looks for a counterattack when I leave two pieces undefended (19…d5).

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  1. Hey John, when is the Jan rematch gonna happen? It's the match people want to see.

  2. Standing desk blitz score so far: 0.5/2

  3. Excellent game John. Both by you and your opponent. That was some high level chess.

  4. You should do live dual commentary with @Ben Finegold and raise money for his chess centre.

  5. You are back in the mix finally,good to see !!! More videos John pls !!!

  6. Unfortunately you had no time to figure out the mate in 2 at 9:58 :p
    Damn time scramble !
    Good game anyway 🙂

  7. Always bullying poor Ben. Doesn't everyone realize he's just a kid. 🙁

  8. Hey John. I played my first chess tournament last week. It was a 25 minute rapid tournament and I played in the 1600 categorie. Managed to score 4/5, tied for first, but I became second because of a rule I forgot the name of. He beat the #3 while I drew against him.

  9. Never the play the English but those mid-game tactics were pretty delicious.

  10. I wonder what Mark Dvoretsky (RIP) would have thought of the Rook-minor piece endgame play in display here… lol

  11. John , I wonder why you didn't put your dark square bishop on h6? at 2:09 ? thanks in advance.

  12. Surprising, how much you squeeze out of a blitz game.

  13. Hello John! I'm a newish chess student and a huge fan of your channel! I was wondering if you had any books in mind for a somewhat experienced chess player that would help out with learning openings or tactics? Even a channel/video recommendation would be great!
    Thank you!

  14. John may I request a match between you vs Hutch

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