Blitz Chess #473: IM Bartholomew vs. IM Rene Alonso Garcia (London System)

The London System (1.d4 and a quick Bc1-f4) has risen to prominence over the past few years, and many respectable 1.d4 players now include it in their repertoires. In this game my opponent is quick to hunt down the London bishop but as a result he suffers pawn structure damage and lagging development.

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  1. 1:22 Ne4 would've been a cool move, don't know if it was objectively the best though.

  2. John, are you going back to your old upload schedule? this is a lot of videos in one day

  3. At the end of the game you said his bishop was bad, what makes it a bad bishop in that situation

  4. Who says you always gotta work for it? A nice lesson in a few "what not to do's". Sometimes it's Christmas early, so now, bust out the hot cocoa cuz 'tis the season! (I bet you were nice and said "GG", but you coulda just said "Hey, thanks!")


  5. I've been playing the London system I like it alot because I can get that dark bishop out. I hate playing E4 so I'm a D4 guy. Would love a video on some London system lines John. Great play as usual. Future GM John B

  6. after NxBe1 there is the interesting move …Kb2 however white should still win this queen endgame

  7. at 4:50, shouldn't it be be better, if the white played night d6 (take bishop), then black takes white queen with his queen, then u take blacks queen with night and u put black in check and then u can take the rook?

  8. Something tells me that the guy behind the black pieces, at least in this game, is not an IM.

  9. Muito boa esta partida…….

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