Blitz Chess #471: 4 games in the ICC 3-minute pool

Trying some new openings! Opponents include alga, uwontbeatme, Porqueno, and PK15.

Final score: 2 wins, 2 losses.

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  1. John, after you play a game, how do you go straight into examining that game without typing examine <username> <game#> ?

  2. Not the greatest session, but you'll have plenty of those in your chess career 🙂 Hope everyone is doing well!

  3. Hey john bartholomew what are your thoughts on the alikines defense?

  4. At 1:09, if black plays Bxf2, cant white just take with the king? The bishop is protected by the knight on f3. Am I missing something?

  5. always good to see your videos, thanks again!

  6. Erm, ah… I do not think you "channeled" Naka in that last one. And yes, King's Indian players were cringing!!

    I'm sure some famous super GM has said "a messy win is still a win".


  7. Thanks for taking the time to post a session JB!

  8. Hi John! Its been a while since I've watched a video from you. You've grown quite a lot! Hope you still remember me 🙂

  9. Another great video. Remember that any one of your videos might be the one that people find your channel with. So, I am gonna grumble about your description! The first 2 lines or so are incredibly important for key words in terms of google making them suggested videos. Better would be: Chess master plays 4 games of super blitz against tricky opponents with openings x, y z. Then have the list of opponents. Also good in a description is some links to your main playlists. Hope this helps.

  10. Stubble's looking good, John! Pussies everywhere crying out to be grabbed!

  11. Love seeing some new lines. More Grunfelds and King's Indians!

  12. "Gotta be somewhere in under half an hour"; Continues to make 31min video. Unpunctual guy John 😀

    Can't help it I'm german sry

  13. I love that you're playing more e4. Keep it up!

  14. hi John nice games. In fact, you played the gruenfeld line correctly, that is real intuition

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