Blitz Chess #465: IM Yunier Levya Rivera vs. IM Bartholomew (Slav Defense)

In a stereotypical Slav middlegame (bishop pair for White; solid pawn structure for Black) White tries to organize e3-e4, but I beat him to the punch with a timely …c6-c5 break. Black subsequently wins a pawn, although the pitfuls of the major piece ending will not be easily navigated with ~1 minute on the clock!

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  1. This is why you study pawn and king vs king eng games!

  2. just become a GM already im tired of waiting… great video!

  3. Time to play the game: crickets, or PC fans?

  4. thanks for the video John! i just got an endgames book and after reviewing the first few sections this weekend, it was interesting to see the ideas play out exactly in your game

  5. The good ol' Slav! What do you think the difference between 2 …c6 and 2…e6 is?

  6. So professional. I'm simply amazed..You're unbelievable John!

  7. 0:08 – Upload it anyway with a disclaimer! And with subtitles if you remember the words lol

  8. In that last bit of the endgame, do you think it's better to promote to a queen or a rook? Particularly when you were down on time, I was surprised that you promoted to a queen and risked stalemate. Do you think the additional checks were worth the risk?

  9. Thats why I haven't "upgraded" to windows 10 yet, I figured if it ain't broke don't fix it. The last time I went from windows 7 to windows 8 it felt more like a downgrade than an upgrade.

  10. John, I was trying to find your tournament analysis games as they were very instructive however your OTB Playlist doesn't include London or the others.. Are you hiding them or..?

  11. ChessExplained average time playing (5-min pool): 7 min.
    Fins average time: 7 min.
    C.E. average time spent in post-mortem analysis: 3 min.
    Fins average post-mortem analysis: 15 min. 😀

  12. John- a former FPS player and fan? Who knew! Hahha, Cheers bud! I have that game along with several Call of Duty games. Still play them today, though chess now takes up more of my time since discovering your channel. Cheers

  13. I learned that one has the opposition when the opponent is on move and the Kings are at opposite "corners" of a rectangle containing an odd number of squares, e.g. 1×3, 1×5, or even 3×5, 7×7, etc.

  14. "I can't calculate it so I'm gonna do it," never did I think I'd hear a Shahadeism in a Bartholomew video.

  15. Considering that a reasonable plan for White is to play for an e4 push, I don't really understand why you'd give them f3 for free.

  16. I like the crickety sound effects on this one 😊

  17. I have a question. In these Queen's Pawn lines where black plays Nbd7, why is it never a good idea to push c5 as white after this? I know that c5 usually isn't played and that the pawn is instead traded on d5, but why not restrict black's minor pieces in an uncomfortable way? Is it because the c5 pawn will be overextended and ultimately weak in the long-term?

  18. Windows 10 is terrible. You can system restore to your previous operating system within the first month of the change to Windows 10. I had to do it because it broke my wireless card.

  19. Hey John just wanted to say that I really enjoy your content. You have taught me a lot about chess and my rating is slowly increasing because of it! Thanks for all the videos 🙂

  20. Around move 20, did you ever consider lining up your DSB and queen for a bishop sacrifice on b3?

  21. Always great to see new content John! Thanks for all the hard work you put into your channel…

  22. yes, definitely good endgame material here. thanks!

  23. Great video, JB, as always appreciate the analysis. I'm tearing through Silmans endgame course, so this came at an appropriate time!

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