Blitz Chess #464: zzyzzx vs. IM Bartholomew (Benko’s Opening)

Fighting fatigue at close to 1:00 am (playing when tired is not recommended!), I hop in the 5-minute pool. My opponent hits me with a version of the King’s Indian Attack without the knight on f3, and the effect is that my light-square bishop is soon hunted by an armada of White pawns!

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  1. I don't think this is Benko Opening is just something played by white, just not theory

  2. "I am going to attack my opponent with the force of a thousand suns" –> instant upvote

  3. I'm a big fan of your channel and actually tried to kill myself by swallowing 32 chess pieces when you've announced that you won't upload as much content. Now that I have a rook and a pony stuck in the duodenum and that you're still uploading great stuff I'm thinking I've maybe overreacted…

  4. John, how many hours do you sleep at night? I sleep around 6 hrs, Hikaru sleeps 7 hrs and Magnus 9 hrs!

  5. 19:20
    by playing the way u played i think u just lose 1 or maybe even 2 tempos i think
    if u take the queen and then threaten the bishop (on f3 which took the queen) by playing knight e5 he either has to move or be defended
    right after (cuz u gained the tempo on the bishop) play f6 cementing the knights position in the center as well as maybe in the future liberating ur bad bishop in the corner thru the g8-a7 diagonal
    b4 was just too explosed for the knight and he could easily be kicked away anyway

    id like to think it this way: if there is no way around in a queen trade (or any trade for that matter) its good for u to initiate the trade except if u can improve a piece by protecting the queen and repositioning it to the place of the queen
    obviously it would be even better if this repositioning forces ur queen then to be taken by his queen cuz his queen suddenly gets attacked by ur queen defending piece (like the knight in the game – but the new position of the knight seemed worse than before and lost u the (at least) one tempo i mentioned before)

  6. "hey guys" – least favorite part of every video. i know most everybody does this but i hate that "guys" is considered gender neutral while using a word that refers to men, meanwhile "hey girls" would never be construed as gender neutral.

  7. I shielded my son's eyes as white persisted in ignoring every opening principle.

    "Dad, why can't I push all my kingside pawns?"

    Thanks for keeping the channel g-rated. It's awesome I can watch the videos in the company of the lil' ones.

  8. Hey John, can you make a video about the Scandinavian and the English opening? I'm having trouble coping with both of these openings.


  9. Hey Jon! This is guys, and your playing zzyzzx. How are you?

  10. Why is 'the Method in Chess' so expensive? Is it really that good of a book?

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