Blitz Chess #459: The Grob and GM Azmaiparashvili

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Opponents include: GM Independiente, IM GreenSkull, GM Zurab Azmaiparashvili, and IM colchonero.

Final score: 4 wins, 0 losses


  1. If anyone is curious about the Azmaiparashvili head-butting incident, evidently at the Chess Olympiad in 2004, Azmaiparashvili tried to get on to the award stage despite security telling him not to. he didn't give up, things escalated, and he head butted a security guard in the mouth… so yeah, you don't want to mess with Azmaiparashvili.

  2. Again an amazing late night blitz video, thanks John!

  3. John, you forgot the also very strong Roman Dzindzichashvili 🙂

  4. Personally, I would just have titled this The Grob and left it at that.Now you have a skidmark on your channel

  5. I thought John finally grew a pair and played the Grob. But alas, it was his manly opponent.

    Jump to 10:08 for Grob action.

  6. John please can you do something like climbing the rating ladder again? and play with lower rated opponents

  7. 9:04 Achievement unlocked: win a game against an IM without losing a single piece/pawn

  8. Could you have won the bishop at the beginning by Qa5+?

  9. Um, where do I sign up to have titled players do stuff against me like drop f7 and resign? I'd pay for that, monthly!

  10. I think engine support is much needed, to clarify such positions as move 22 of game against Zurab Azmaiparashvili.

  11. John, have you read Smerdon's Scandinavian by GM David Smerdon from Australia (that's a new book; published in 2015). BTW, you should play Mr Smerdon; he frequently plays on Lichess.

  12. That Grob game. Easily one of my favorites on your channel. It's refreshing to see atypical openings as they lead to unique games.

  13. Very nice. Analyzed the last game with the engine. At 22:31 you had a mate in 2, but you were probably looking to destroy the pieces on the back rank and promote. The move is Be4+ Kh6 Rh7 mate.

  14. hey guys i did a little test for the castling rules of lichess . it appears that moving the kingside rook back and forth, disallolws you to castle, but doing the same on the queen side – doesnt. What are the rules really?

  15. Today i lost 130 bullet rating on lichess D:

  16. Strooong play!
    Instructive how you converted initiatives!

  17. Who cares about being a GM when your beating up on GMs eh? Ggs

  18. John, was it a good idea to play d4 breake on the second game?

  19. Very fun games in this video, John! I especially enjoyed the number of pins and counter-pins in the Grob game, and also the king-walk starting at 22:47.

  20. looking very strong Mr. Bartholomew! perhaps it's all the sleep you are getting?

  21. Everyone needs a head butt form time to time ya know 🙂

  22. 12:13 When I think of any Georgian name its something which ends with -ashvili

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