Blitz Chess #457: 6 games in the ICC 3-minute pool

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Opponents include: Hendricks-LIN, Prometeo77, matmaster, FM Dpache, and IM Alexey Fernandez.

Final score: 4 wins, 2 losses


  1. Hi John another great vid which i have only just discovered. How old was you when you started playing chess? All the best from London England!!!

  2. First ! Thanks John for everything 🙂

  3. pretty sure this isn't the 1 minute pool John 😉

  4. "Blitz Chess #457: 6 games in the icc ONE-MINUTE pool" John, tell FIDE to stop listening to Greg Shahade and lets keep blitz to 3 minutes or longer 🙂

  5. That opening in the background .. a refutation to the Scandi ? 🙂

  6. G1 = Woof. Lots of pawns went away, plus… Rh2. We'll call it lucky and take the point! (Your audience's vicarious win!)

  7. Some great advice in this video concerning advantageous trades, thanks John your channel is the best imho..

  8. In the first game the black queen can go to a6 after Bd1.

  9. the games you won were well and solidly played, the FM Dpache games were intriguing- this player seemed to constantly corral the initiative. cool set, i look forward to seeing you play that FM again and how you work out his style. always thanks for the games!

  10. What an awesome game vs matmaster… The power in the mobility of central pawns was illustrated very nicely.

  11. Is that the Scandinavian Defense, Bongcloud Variation I spy in the background on the board on the wall?

  12. Nice games John! Any plans for more zhouse in the future?

  13. "Engine cannot be started". I hope we have the engine back in the next video. The last game against Dpache with the dangerous black initiative left me puzzled. Seems really difficult for white to defend.

  14. Blundering into mate in one i feel like i have seen that before somewhere

  15. First Chess then go well skynet is coming now who would make a robot that looks like arnold schwarzenegger

  16. Hi John at 12:24 I think nc2 wins a.pawn cause if re1 nxe3 and if re2 Nxd4

  17. Hey John i have a question: at 3:59 doesn't Qg4+ win two pawns for black? Maybe I am missing something.

  18. Very good games! Very good comentary! Just excelent! John you're a real chess player.

  19. I don't like to gossip but in that last game I heard that pawn on f2 calling that dark square bishop a lousy, no good, so and so. But you didn't hear that from me. Thanks for the lesson Sir.

  20. hmm. I didn't know the Ke2 variation of the scandi on that mounted chess board John

  21. John, I really enjoyed the instructional moment talking about trades (when, when not to) — the (roughly stated) advice of "if you can't vocalize why a trade is beneficial, or at least neutral, don't do it" — something I need to remember for my own games for sure.
    Roughly here-ish:

  22. That moment when you think you've watched all the Fins videos but you find one you missed!

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