Blitz Chess #452: 8 games in the ICC 3-minute pool

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Opponents include: GM endlessfighter, GM Daniel Naroditsky, GM Denis Kadric, GM Pavel Smirnov, chessdennis, and GM Danny Raznikov.

Final score: 3 wins, 3 losses, 2 draws.


  1. Hey John, in the third game, you talk about building a dark square structure with your pawns while your opponent has a dark square bishop. I gather that the idea is to limit the movements of the bishop.I see other experienced players doing that too, but I've also seen games where the players (FIDE titled) talk about putting the pawns in the square with the opposite colour of the opponent's bishop. I see that usually in the endgame. So both ideas are correct then, depending upon the position?Thanks, keep up the good work!

  2. your end game skills are great. you played real well in the wesley so tourney. thanks for all the vids.

  3. Doesn't John have a 29xx-3xxx 3 minute rating? Or am I misremembering? Against GM Dubov I believe.

  4. Wow, some really strong opponents. This was a nice change-up.

  5. Chessable is ready! It seems to me that this is a cool site, I am going to buy lessons on Scandinavian soon! 🙂

  6. John, talking about the game against Rubikon99 (min 25:42): what's the difference between 12. g4 and 12. f3 ?

  7. cant wait for chessable tomorrow 🙂 what time will it be up?

  8. Wow you played against so many GMs in this video! Really cool.

  9. Good results against some very good players! Especially impressive given that it was at a tough time control for you. If this is the standard level of players in the 3-minute pool, I'd love to see more games in this time control! =)

  10. hey John, Danya is Daniel Naroditsky, as someone said

  11. Hi John maybe at 27:10 b3 is a good way to give a check on the diagonal

  12. I just downloaded Blitzin… Do you really have to pay for it?

  13. Great opponents, this is what you need. Different positions, complicated middle and end games you will see in OTB tournaments.

  14. IM bolb is not in the opponents include in description

  15. You should make a video about yourself otherwise I'll just watching a very good robot play chess. We need to know everything about you….. " l what you did last Halloween" 😉

  16. The game against Rubikon was no less than wonderful! ;O)

  17. I see that Scandinavian propaganda hanging on the closet door behind you! Sneaky sneaky.

  18. wow, tough yet edifying competition, totally fun, always enjoy these bullet jaunts into the ICC. thanks again John!

  19. Thx for this very interesting video. Strong opponents, you did well, John.

  20. Man these 3 minutes without increment are brutal and merciless, but you did a great job, was enjoying these!
    And also I have to give you a big Thank You, as I`ve been watching your videos quite a bit lately, and I belive that I`ve learned a lot from your tips, and just overall from your down-to-earth, pragmatic attitude, and I`ve been able to finally break 2000 for good… Next stop 2100:)
    Big kudos to you, and keep up the good work!

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