Blitz Chess #4031 vs dimICC Sicilian Sveshnikov White

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  1. For me it's always the problem to decide wether a position is critical or not so I end up thinking way too much about every move I make. Problably the reason why I stopped playing anything under 15 minutes.

  2. I love how you get slightly ticked off when your opponent moves really fast 'without any contemplation'.

  3. do you find playing fast something not respectful?

  4. I could see myself playing fxe5 there quickly, as well, because I didn't see an immediate way of swapping the queen and the bishop around on the b1-h7-diagonal (e2/f3 were covered and I somehow had a mental blockade in considering the queens retreat to her initial square). Your Qd1 was very strong, but if you miss that idea (which I assume he did), I'd say you feel like there is a choice between a very bad position with dxe5 and a bad, but maybe tenable position with fxe5 [a bit like you said in your video on Carlsen's game 10 that Carlsen's moves were actually the best moves in the position if you rule out the fact that black can take on f2] … and well, maybe your opponent was just bored and didn't care much… what I couldn't see myself doing would be to capture on d5 that quickly

  5. I know you're in a whole e4 stage at the moment any chance you play both e4 and d4 like at the same time to not have the same thing over and over.

  6. Perhaps you should offer your losing opponents a discount on chess lessons!

    Lesson 1: time management.

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