Blitz Chess #399: Benoni Defense

When you play the Benoni, you will experience a lack of space, and an imbalanced pawn structure. A good strategy for black is to seek at least 1 minor piece exchange in order to be able to move about more freely within the limited space. Given time to prepare, black should look to set the queenside pawn majority into motion. Would there be time? This was a 5|0 time control game, where I was playing with the black pieces.

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1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. g3 c5 4. d5 exd5 5. cxd5 d6 6. Nc3 g6 7. Bg2 Bg7 8. Nf3 O-O 9. O-O a6 10. a4 Re8 11. Nd2 Nbd7 12. h3 Rb8 13. Nc4 Ne5 14. Na3 Qc7 15. f4 Ned7 16. e4 c4 17. Be3 Nc5 18. e5 Nfd7 19. Nxc4 dxe5 20. f5 e4 21. d6 Qd8 22. Qd5 Rf8 23. f6 Bxf6 24. Rxf6 Qxf6 25. Bxc5 Nxc5 26. Qxc5 Be6 27. Nxe4 Qd8 28. Nb6 Bf5 29. Rf1 Bxe4 30. Bxe4 Re8 31. Bd5 Rf8 32. Qc7 Qg5 33. Bxf7+ Kg7 34. Qc3+ Kh6 35. Nd7 Rbd8 36. h4 Qg4 37. Qe3+ Kg7 38. Qe5+ Kh6 39. Nf6 Qh3 40. Qg5+ Kg7 41. Nh5+ Kh8 42. Qe5

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 😀



  1. well Engine user Rip Jerry the Title of the video should be Jerry the chessnetwork vs Stockfish you tried jerry Nice video of benoni like it alot

  2. What are the possibilities that he was playing against a hidden gm who was just having fun and increasing elo with new account… Sometimes in oline chess, we stop for a moment to do something like drinking coffee, so, maybe am giving credit to a human player…

  3. I don't understand why these people use the computer for EVERY move. Why not just wait till a critical position and then use a little computer assistance for a couple moves and avoid detection? That's how you know the game is suspicious. They don't just win. They win in the winning-est way possible.

  4. a lot of cheaters on recently Simon Williams played vs some cheaters a couple of months ago. One of the many reasons why i like playing on more the cheaters get banned and you get rating refund.

  5. I pretty much agree with all the rest of the comments about this game/account

  6. I usually am very opposed to calling someone a cheater, but this really raised my suspicions. Taking the same amount of time each move, not going for the straightforward winning captures, but the scientifically precise best combinations at the end, and also taking time on simple recaptures. I call bullshit.

  7. props for being so restrained afterwards, it was amazing how almost inhumanly accurate the ….. account….. was playing

  8. hmmm a 2368 account taking 6 seconds to play a mate in 1….rrrrrriiiiiiiiight

  9. @2:50 from my frame of reference I'd have called the plumber like two moves ago 😛 but hey I'm not a chess master 🙂

  10. Legit or not, thanks for an instructive video.

  11. Jerry, I have to respect the amount of restraint you have in the postmortem. I would have been jumping on my chair and screaming like a monkey at how much of a cheater they were hahah

  12. I like the live comments while playing.. keep it up

  13. Thanks for another great video. You have a lot of class Jerry.

  14. Hey I just went from a 11.64 centipawn lead to a checkmate in one against. So your game was much more fun to watch!! 😜

  15. Update: albertime's account closed! 🙂

  16. Beautiful game by White. Shame it was played by a fish.

  17. I did re-watch the game from the beginning and found out that Jerry's opponent is cheating. As you can see, the opponent moves every 6 secs. Damn, I can surely make my ELO looks pretty good by cheating, unfortunately, my brain strongly disagree.

  18. Could tell straight away that you were playing a computer. The timing of each of your opponent's moves were extremely consistent, no variability between their obvious simple moves and the sharp less obvious ones. I really don't understand what people get out of cheating this way. Someone else is literally playing the game for them, what satisfaction is there in playing let alone winning.

  19. Good game, Jerry! Great to watch you playing as always!!

  20. Would have been rather fun to dig into this fella's account/history and have a rummage. I rather enjoyed Jerry's games against Computer4Impossible, I think this is the first game I've seen him play stockfish.

  21. Lol why not just say this was a computer? Everyone knows you're not KC.

  22. "This account has been closed for violating our Fair Play rules.
    These rules help keep chess fair for everyone."

  23. Poor Jerry he sounds so sad in this game. As if playing against a cheater broke his heart.

  24. Would you ever upload a picture of yours somewhere jerry?

  25. The second I saw you were playing on chesscom I knew there was a good chance it's a cheater.

  26. I think you should report him, has cheat detection software that can take a look at it.
    Edit: nevermind his account has been closed

  27. I did some research that confirms that the user was cheating and shut down the account. (

    1) The account was created just a few days before Jerry played against it.
    2) The account's bullet rating was around 1400, which is obviously way way way below the strength of play in Jerry's game.
    3) The account has now been marked "Closed: Fair Play." (You can see all of this here.

  28. Jerry why do you have to be such a poor sport, why can't you just admit that Stockfish played a great game? XP

    What a douchebag that guy is lol

  29. OMG, i ddidn't now you still made vids! most your chessnetwork tourney vids are from 2013!
    Hell yes! do you give lessons?!

  30. 3:45 Knight takes e4 Bishop takes knight rook takes bishop knight takes rook bishop takes pawn for the fork

  31. White needed time to input Jerry's moves … umm… I mean think about Jerry's moves… before making his own move. Such thinking requires a consistent amount of time even for simple recaptures that have no in-between moves. White is a remarkably consistent player.

  32. This is an opening that I keep meaning to learn as Black. It looks like it can be fun but when I try it, the result usually ends up the same for me–no space and struggling to find a plan. I guess you really have to be careful right from the opening in this one?

  33. All my respect to Jerry's sportsmanship, polite manners and overall reaction after being defeated by an "account" copying Stockfish 8's moves straight from analysis board with local engine. After he mentioned his "sixth sense" and thought about not even analysing, but then just went on to exhibit the faulty conduct on the other player, my hat was already off.

    The sober tone shows how much he is both sorry for someone who cheats like that and positive about learning what can come from a Benoni which went wrong. You don't see that a lot (the reaction, I mean — the cheating is all over).

  34. 42. Qf6# would have been more accurate because it takes less time to execute. (And it's more natural because you're moving forward.) On the other hand, 42. Qe5# of course comes first alphabetically. For some… acounts, that's the #1 criterion. :p

  35. this account was shut down just so you know. sorry you were frustrated but i admit i was laughing during the entire post game with some of your comments

  36. So you guys agreed it was a computer opponent?

  37. Well the account was closed in August due to violating fair play, so at least there's that

  38. One does not simply Stockfish into Mordor. Oh wait…

  39. Respect for Jerry just gone up 100 folds. So polite.

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