Blitz Chess #385: GM Z-Integrator vs. IM Bartholomew (Slav Defense)

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Last time my Grandmaster opponent felt the wrath of the 3…Qd8 Scandinavian (), so here he heads for the quieter waters of the Exchange Slav (1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.cxd5). White finds a nice plan in the middlegame (19.Qh5 followed by Nc2-e2-d4) but misplays a promising attack.


  1. Hey, I think it's awesome how much commentary you do during these games. It's very remarkable that you are able to do this while playing at such a high level.

  2. Dear John , I am a intermediate level player . Can I have some tips on studying the middlegame . Thank you .

  3. Very interesting analysis this time. Thank you, John.

  4. great analysis, the opponent really had great coordination…. and didn't close.. good lesson for me..! thanks for the vid

  5. "I must confess I don't know the theory so well here" means something different for you than it does for me 😛

  6. That's what you get when you mix up the order of the videos, you end up playing against a cheater. I hope you learned your lesson John.

  7. I think the main thing to take away from this video is: when you're opponent starts moving pieces toward your king position, don't move your pieces, especially the knight, the other way. The knight is the best defender of the king, and it will be too far away to help, even if you don't see the attack yet.

  8. Just goes to show, knights belong in the corner!

  9. I loved it when you stopped for that moment to figure out why the engine move was best instead of just clicking through. That is a model of how to improve in postgame, people.

  10. Great channel art and icon!! Maybe put a keyword heavy description before the donation link. Awesome video again. I am learning so much watching you.

  11. The ONLY reason John Bartholomew and I are not Grand Masters yet is because of the distraction from the ladies, because everyone knows if there's one thing a woman wants its a guy who plays chess

  12. That awkward feeling at 5:50 when you know the game is not going your way, but at least you have "beautifully positioned knight in the corner at a8", lol.

  13. John can I ask you something? What opening(s) do you like for beginners playing black after 1d4?

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