Blitz Chess #1815 with Live Comments Borg Defence vs GM Psycho Cowboy Simon Williams with White

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  1. I actually saw Qa5 and thought it would be a strong infiltration.

  2. I don't understand why you say that the final endgame 4 against 3 on the same side and knights was loosing. There is a way to force an exchange of knights? If not, can't use simply stay and wait for the opponent to advance and exchange your pawns and knight for his pawns? I probably need you to continue the endgame series because that would have been my naive statement.

  3. It seems both of you missed a few better moves in the game as pointed out by the comp.  I guess a draw was the fairest result.

  4. Can't believe you drew that!  Simon must be so frustrated 🙂

  5. Don't you think he gave you the draw in the end? He just moved his king around a bit, waiting for you to grab the pawns..

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