Blitz Chess 041#- Queen Pawn Game: Krause Variation!!

Welcome to the latest live blitz chess game which features the Krause Variation of the Queen Pawn Game and the Reti!! It had some interesting concepts where both sides castled very late and managed to attack each other the whole game before my opponent ran out of time! Hope you guys all enjoy it! 😀


  1. hi: i like the krause variation. It is uncommon, so ppls have not seen it too much. I like the idea of black Queen Gambit.

  2. I've been playing this move for years – didn't even know it had a name! Great game here 🙂

  3. your opponent was playing the london system and the knight d7 tactic was there forever, he just couldve forced it by taking down ur defending knight from f6 with a bishop

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