Banter Blitz with Jan Gustafsson

♜ GM Jan Gustafsson takes on chess24 Premium members while talking about his moves!

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  1. That last game was hilarious

    “I might withdraw from this Banter Blitz after this one” lmao

  2. I was waiting for Jan to speak when drinking his water to highlight his talent as a ventriloquist.

  3. 31:59 very bad situation for white she is playing 1 rook missing she cannot move the rook she should have left the game there it is a funny position: d

  4. Where is the proof from our world champion of cheating; I hope he has some because insinuations and suspicion is not good enough. You can't destroy a 19 year old on may be's and stay silent.
    If this is all he has to offer, then let him retire and enjoy what he likes best; getting drunk on stream.

  5. imagine hearing a grand master say "bad line not goin to be playing that again" after your game with them. best compliment ever.

  6. 53:30 Shame on you Jan. They didn't make a 486-SX 25 MHz. That was a 386-SX 25 MHz 🙂

  7. but Jan, cmon… the WHOLE game itself does not have to be perfect… you can "consult/cheat" in the critical moments…

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