Banter Blitz with GM Vladimir Kramnik | chess24 Legends of Chess

14th World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik plays blitz chess against Premium users while talking about his moves. Kramnik is playing in the chess24 Legends of Chess which you can watch live from 21/07:

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  1. Hi iam karmnik. Please subscribe my new channel for stock market updates.

  2. Why doesn’t Chess24 have a banter mode for its players that (i) allows to filter and sort challengers; and (ii) always alternates colours? Every GM I e seen over last few years has commented on always getting one colour or the other. Why are these issues never fixed?

  3. Please, Mr Kramnik, keep playing here!!! You don’t have idea how grateful we are to see a legend in action. And in such a humble way.

  4. And Kramnik student didn't even get to play him. : (

  5. Vlad crushing chess24 high-rated players! I couldn't imagine this before it did happen.

  6. He sounds like a Bond villain; in a good way, with his calm voice and dry humor. "I'm afraid you have run out of squares mr. Bond, shall we call it checkmate, yes?!". Actually he would make a Great Bond villain!, would love to watch such a movie.

  7. No banterblitz would be complete without the legendary BlunderPanda 🙂

  8. bruh. his user HAS to be pensioner (in russian, this would be a person with no job)

  9. 53:35 "who am I to argue with the best players in the world?" You don't say Mr. 14th world champion and one of the GOATs 😂

  10. The sense of humor of this human being. +1.

  11. Kramnik ressemble de plus en plus au " French serial killer " Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès ?! 🤔😂

  12. Swarnapuri played not human-style, right ?…analysing, how much time he needs for ! !- moves…I´m sure he is a cheater…

  13. Swarnapuri me da la sensación de modulero.
    ¿Cómo puede un no titulado jugar así, sobre todo al final?. Muy raro.

  14. Dead air, dead air, dead air. Told you he was boring.

  15. Kramnik is subtle and deliberate in his play.. nice to watch

  16. "Not a big specialist of this line " – Kramnik.
    I can see that you can play just about anything with the kind of chess understanding inbuilt in you Sir.

  17. it's a pity we never see a match Kramnick-Carlsen,i think!

  18. How does this not have more views! Chess24, you guys are killing it! Please, please fix the clunky interface in your website so myself and many others will pay to play on your site. Thanks for this wonderful video! Cheers!!

  19. Kramnik – idol of many chess lovers including me. What a player! He is different from some other super GMs who have more computer style solid skills. He is just a person of great ideas and master of logic.

  20. Losing a full rook by mouseslip and winning 2600+ player however 🙂

  21. Pienso que swarnapuri está usando "ayuda extra". Hace unas jugadas muy efectivas que parecen poco humanas. Además, contra Ivanchuk (Véase la segunda partida del video Banter Blitz with GM Vasyl Ivanchuk) ocurrió algo muy parecido. El bueno de Vasily perdió por tiempo ante las complicaciones que le planteó durante toda la partida. Según he indagado en la red, parece ser que swarnapuri es un IM con algo más de 2400 de Elo, pero curiosamente en blitz tiene 2336. Los tramposos tienen una enfermedad psicológica, necesitan alimentar su ego, pero no piensan que a los primeros que están engañando son a ellos mismos.
    I think swarnapuri is using "extra help". He makes some very effective moves that seem unhuman. In addition, against Ivanchuk (See the second game of the video Banter Blitz with GM Vasyl Ivanchuk) something very similar happened. Vasily lost on time due to the complications that swarnapuri posed throughout the game. According to my inquiries, it seems that swarnapuri is an IM with 2425 Elo, but curiously in blitz it has 2336. Cheaters have a psychological illness, they need to feed their ego, but they don't think that the first ones they are cheating are themselves.

  22. I've watched hundreds of these GMs often these very strong players are more boring to watch than players who make more errors. I recall an FM who played some ingenious games with comments and analysis. Ivanchuk was good but he kept picking his nose. Carlsen is a bit better to watch but as he comments as he goes.

  23. All he has to wait for is a move like h5 as played by NafizEdiz which is obviously a strategical blunder — weakens the K-side and so on so anyone could or should win from there. But there is no commentary, just something like, o.k., I won, I made a mouse slip, next game. Not very interesting.

  24. Best moment 59:23 "Swarnapuri? Must be an indian pla…3000?!! Ooph! Accept immediately! Can I survive against 3000 rating? XD Great game as well!

  25. 1st game makes a mouse slip vs a 2600…. Laughs and still wins !!! 😂👏👏👏

  26. 18:34 why don’t black pawn f5, pinning the night? Could be a move?

  27. What a beautiful and thoughtful game. Wow

  28. Opponent too afraid to go into an endgame he sacks a bishop

  29. Nf2?? Даже не смотрел. Ну что за глупость, Володя? сразу рассматривал только ладья б4, ещё больше компрометируя стеснённую позицию белого ферзя с дальнейшим ферзь а5 и конь вынужден подариться из-за свистящих и по диагонали и по вертикалям магистралям для чёрных фигур.

  30. ещё и слон д4 зачем-то сразу сделал вместо само-собой разумеющейся 0-0… ферзь с б2 же особо никуда вроде как не торопится или как? Владимир? вот не поверишь, обычный любитель вроде меня сразу такие ходы поднимает.

  31. "What? No bathroom breaks Kramnik?" – Topolav

  32. 57:44 Let's check… let's check… let's check… and another check (which is mate).. Four consecutive checks with different pieces. Total carnage.

  33. I couldnt imagine being so good at chess i can mouse slip vs a 2600 and still win.

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