Banter Blitz Chess with Jan Gustafsson (110)

GM Jan Gustafsson plays blitz chess against Premium users while talking about his moves (among other things). Watch the show live on chess24 :

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  1. Gustafsson gosto muito do seu estilo. assisto seus vídeos e sempre revejo. parabéns ! Saúde e paz para você e para todos que fazem parte da sua convivência .

  2. And he said: let there be light. Boom! And there was light, and it was lit.

  3. Must be HighLated, in my humble opinion 😀 😀 hahaha you made my day..

  4. Funny man really funny. Funnier than Radio Jan. "Whine like a grandmaster". Ha ha ha.

  5. Jan, I don't know what app you're listening to, but it's MISS-chiff.
    Rhymes with MISS-cliff

  6. I've read the word "interdicted" 100 times and still have never heard it pronounced. I don't know man, I don't know man, I don't KNOW man.

  7. For future flag joke references, you should probably be aware of the word "flagellation." This is potentially a very fertile joke word.

  8. "Having said all that… No, no 'having said that' comes to mind."

  9. I think the "stages of grief" are supposed to come after the loss. Still, an interesting assessment of the stages of apprehension

  10. Listens to Eminem album over and over. Cant find Detroit on a map? Cmon, man!

  11. This is definitely the best chess trash talk I have seen 😂😂😂

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