B. Butov (1346) vs A. Simonov (1176). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. There is more to life than stupid board-game of chess. Let the boy go play with his friends and do what all normal 5 year olds do…

  2. 8:54 he missed a free queen : ng6 check black should capture the night or move the king then he captures the free queen

  3. Упустил малец размен коня на ферзя… жаль.

  4. He’s not even paying attention 😂😂😂

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  6. Amazing to watch this game! The little fella is looking around doing somewhat with his hands and picking his nose 😂 while the adult is focused hard on his next move.

  7. Малому кажется скучно,успевает сделать много других дел.

  8. That little dude made this enjoyable to watch!

  9. Picking his nose, yawning his head off, this kid is a Grand Master already.

  10. just love this kid , he does not read the board as if he have a photographic memory of the whole game in a glance,

  11. Two pointing fingers nose diving !! One of most devastating strategies moves in Chess competition. Big dude doesn't have a chance!!

  12. Mannnnnnnnnn I would be passed and amazed …lol 😂 I mean that kid face was like I need some real competition lol

  13. Look at his cute smile face 😍😂 he is waiting for the opponent to play the next move😅

  14. Cerdas sekali anak kecil vs orang dewasa.bahkan santainya si anak itu

  15. Mate taken so long to make a move scared of getting beaten by a 5/6 year old

  16. the kids loses focus between moves, then recaptures it quickly.

  17. Мальчонка не умеет играть или я не поняла его замысла на 1,45 минуте

  18. Saya suka gaya anak bocil ini,, saitai, dan tidak serius sama sekali..

  19. Ça oblige ces jeunes à se concentrer c’est très bien

  20. The little boy missed the pawn fork. The opening was interesting.

  21. Saya bangga dengan anda,,dan saya juga melatih anak saya umur 6,tahun,agar bisa menjadi pemain handal ,salam👋👋👋👋

  22. تخيل أنك تتدرب لسنيين وتحترف ثم يكون هذا خصمك

  23. Salut sama anak ini. IQ nya DI ATAS RATA RATA… main catur seperyi tdk ada beban…mantab..😃😃😃

  24. Is just a game, relax and enjoy

  25. El adulto, comete una falta: NO SE PUEDE HACER UN ENROQUE, CUANDO EL REY ESTÁ EN JAQUE.

  26. Me playing a child would make me push my h pawn just because I’m scared of them XD

  27. après que les noirs aient joué f5, les blancs gagnaient la reine par cavalier f6+ ???

  28. 8:19 he could check the king whit the kinght whit a discover attack on the queen

  29. The child is barely paying attention😅

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