B. Butov (1346) vs A. Simonov (1176). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Cómo entrenan a estos niños es impresionante como juegan saludos desde México

  2. Young boy made a mistake when he played Qf4. He should play Qd3 and both knights were protected and playing with Ne5-g4-e5 black could only get a draw by 3 fold repetition. I have played on various tournaments with young boys like this and many times they were much better then this boy but they were ca 2 years older. It's not easy to play with children. They often know the theoretical moves but not always understand the aim of moves. That's why with children it's a good idea to play rare variations.

  3. грешная душа чистое сердце says:

    У пацана шах конём был и ферзь терялся, белые моментально выигрывали.

  4. These kids are gonna end up sliding off those chairs and getting uppercutted by the table if it hasn't happened already, get them some booster seats

  5. Three developed pieces vs only one can make it hard.

  6. Predzej bedzie alkoholikiem niz szachista ….

  7. Никакой интриги. Пацан проиграл, зевнув вилку. Расходимся.

  8. Dont understand all the congrats for this little kid. He lost with no chance

  9. 这小孩一副心不在焉的样子,轻轻松松占据优势

  10. L'affaire Lola est un fake de Macron Cercueil vide says:

    Il a perdu et rien d'extraordinaire dans son jeu .. C'est pour cramer de la pellicule ..

  11. ချစ်စရာကောင်းပြီး အပြုအမူလေးတွေက
    တောက်ပနေတယ် အနာဂတ်ရှိတဲ့ ကလေးလေး

  12. လေးလေးစားစားယှဥ်ပြိုင်ပေးတဲ့ လူငယ်ကလည်း လူကြီးလူကောင်းဆန်တယ်

  13. Por que aperto de mão é fraco ? Aqui no Brasil a gente aperta a mão forte desde pequeno 😅

  14. всё это конечно интересно.но было бы хорошо если бы парень хотя бы немного умел итграть

  15. Torre d1 cuando le dio la doble amenaza de peon f5 hubiese estado interesante!!!! Excelente niño me hizo el día

  16. I would quit chess or kill myself if I lost to a young kid like this.

  17. За три хода до конца черные не увидели мат в 2 хода

  18. Ну какой очаровательный мальчишка! 💞💞

  19. Aunque estaba muy distraído y tenía sobrecargada la dama con los dos caballos, es un niñito muy inteligente tiene más que dar y demostrar que es un niño Genio…

  20. The guy that the young boy is playing with plays so slow in comparison it is quiet clear he wants to make sure he doesn't lose to young boy in order to save his dignity. So everything was at state to him.

  21. Вот это мальчик! Заставил мужика задуматься! При этом ещё и улыбается, грызёт ногти и посматривает на партию у соседей! И чего там долго думать в рапиде? Чёрным надо хотя бы развивать фигуры. Напр., Се7 (5:50) с последующей 0-0. Ну и следить, чтобы мальчик не провёл тактический удар

  22. من درود میفرستم به این مرد جوان که با تمام حوصله با این کوچلو بازی کرد وبهش احترام گذاشت این کوچولو آینده شطرنج است مدطمعنن

  23. Bocil ajaib…..yang murah senyum,dan menggigit-gigit kukunya.

  24. Give that Boy a couple more years. He's gonna be the next Spassky

  25. Very talented young boy, he shall quickly imrove his play.

  26. Black played camly, smoothly converting extra piece after …f5. Good to see Sozin's attack again. No one likes playing against kids: if you win "no big deal", if you lose – disaster. Kids are restless (almost you wish them to play in mud or sand and chasd butrerflies instead of training for nerds), always digging their nose, hands wet of saliva, and you are by the rule x-rayed by ambitious parents in the chess hall. I prefer old farts or nice girls. My name is Walter Matthau and I can't stand Dennis the plague ;(

  27. Un choupi qui joue déjà très bien ! Bravo ♟♟♟

  28. What type of breeding program does Russia have that provides her with so many talented young players? I'll need to keep my eyes on Butov but great introduction to CFN.

  29. What a delightful, infectious smile! And Mr Yunker looks very dashing in his formal chess-wear.😄

  30. Absolutely outstanding play by this youngster. 😳

  31. Зачем он пожервовал слона? Зевок?

  32. The young boy will get better as his brain develops in few years.😊

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