Anish Giri vs Magnus Carlsen (FULL GAME) | 2022 WORLD BLITZ CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP

Anish Giri vs Magnus Carlsen
World Blitz Chess Championship 2022
French Defence


  1. Useless dark squared bishop and light squared one in a cage…just wow.

  2. I thought the title was Amish Girl versus Magnus

  3. Anish had a won position, then he played Be2???? Then, it was all over . Gutted

  4. The forte of magnus is he knows how to use time and trap, even not winning his opponent but give them a very hard time to think😂

  5. 0:55 It truly gives me such an euphoria boost when I find a move that Magnus plays before he plays it. The only difference is I know he understands the move 1000x better than I do. But I have noticed as a self taught 1700-1800 player… I can find some GM type moves… I just need to do it on a more consistant base. The sad this is I would need to move this move into the engine to understand it better. Because while I liked my move at first… when I played it through it seemed more of a bluff than anything… And maybe since it's blitz… thats the point.

    But if White decides to take f6 then what is my next best move??? Do I take with the Queen or the Knight? Because Whites next move is probably
    fx g5 Which is now double protected by queen and dark square bishop. So Im not sure my original f5 move was as good as I thought. Even though Magus also played it. But again… Im dumb. Magus = Big brain.

  6. Now way bro tries too finish the game at the end ☠☠

  7. ❤ this style of coverage no commentary, front seat at the live board! Perfect!

  8. Magnus caged in his white bishop where it couldn't do anything. Insane

  9. Magnus!

    Are you this talented at anything else?

    Have you ever had your IQ tested?

  10. 5:58, Why Giri did that move (a4 -> a5), just loosing the pawn ???

  11. 6:20 why does magnus kill with rook? Could have done with knight and be up material right ?

  12. I could easily beat this idiot at chess, not once but 3 times in a row. Easily.

  13. Wonderful moves …Kf7 and later …c5 – c4 I like. Then should be won for Black – if I´m right.

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