and he sacrifice The queeeen!! #stockfish #chess #blitz #chessgame #magnuscarlsen #sacrifice


  1. Explanation: the move queen f7 was necessary so that black's queen can't take the bishop, which is undefended. Then, e6 ,is discovered check and the black's king has nowhere to go.

  2. That note checkmate, he can protect his king with is bishop

  3. Pawn move and there is a fork then pawn into queen and then there is a mate

  4. E6 was mate in 2….there was no need of queen sacrifice

  5. Queen takes queen and then pawn on e6 is mate

  6. As i can see some 200 elo players are saying that the king can be protected 😅

  7. Just move the pawn no need to scrafice the queen

  8. For those who are confused , The queen sacrifice was necessary because it was needed to divert the black queen from taking to bishop at g3 when the black king gets a discover check from the pawn moving from ET to E6 , This forces checkmate in 2

    So after the queen sacrifice , The balcn queen has to take , Then pawn E6 is actually mate

  9. For those who said there is no need to sacrifice the queen and say E6 is mate , Stop trying to be stockfish coz the black queen will just take the bishop at g3 and now black is winning coz it would be mate actually , So it's never late to hang Mae in one

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